Risk-Based Cybersecurity

Your cybersecurity approach should align with your company’s objectives, outcomes, and risks — making a risk-based approach to cybersecurity the best strategy for your business.

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With a Risk-Based Cybersecurity Approach

Your company has its own specific business objectives and desired outcomes. As a result, your company also has a unique set of cyber risks, including gaps and blind spots within your network that can expose the company to a cyberattack. Vulnerabilities may involve internet-connected devices, endpoints, logs, networks, software applications, employees, third-party vendors, and other technologies. At Pondurance, we believe your cybersecurity approach should align with your company’s objectives, outcomes, and risks — making a risk-based approach to cybersecurity the best strategy for your business.

The Approach

A risk-based cybersecurity approach focuses on the specific cyber risks of your company and considers what your company wants to accomplish and what it needs to protect. Using this approach, we help your company identify your cyber risks, prioritize the risks, and find the most impactful ways to protect your company against those risks. Once we have that understanding, we can customize a bundle of services that allows your company to achieve its cybersecurity and compliance goals. The approach is designed to track business value and show return on investment through efficiency and reduced risk.
Our team of highly skilled professionals uses technology, automation, and advanced analytics to gather specific threat intelligence and provide relevant data. Team members gain insights on potential cyber threats and assess how to plan, recognize, respond to, and mitigate a threat. They limit your cyber risk exposure and ensure that you can confidently respond to a cyber crisis. In addition, the team integrates your tools and technology with our platform to assure that there are no security gaps and no inefficiencies from overlapping capabilities.

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Pondurance — the first and only MDR provider to be built around a risk-based approach — believes a risk-based approach is the best way to protect clients from threats and reduce their exposure to attacks.

The Steps

The framework and guidelines of our risk-based approach help companies protect their digital assets and maintain the integrity of their operations. The essential steps of the approach include:



We work with each company to identify the potential risks that the company faces, considering factors such as access privileges, job function, technology usage patterns, and previous security incidents. This step involves gathering data from various sources to develop a comprehensive understanding of potential vulnerabilities.

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We analyze the identified risks to determine the likelihood of a cyber event and the potential impact. Using cyber risk quantification techniques, we accurately measure and prioritize these risks to help clients make informed decisions about where to allocate resources for maximum effect.

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We focus on developing strategies to mitigate or eliminate the identified risks. These strategies may involve implementing new processes or technologies or adjusting existing ones. For example, in this step, we may enhance access controls, conduct employee training sessions, or regularly update software systems.



We continuously monitor to ensure that risk management measures are effectively reducing risks over time. This step allows us to track changes in the risk landscape and adjust mitigation strategies as needed.


Every company has different cybersecurity needs, so Pondurance offers an array of cybersecurity services that help keep companies safe from cybercriminals and in compliance with regulatory requirements, including:

End-to-End Solutions

Pondurance offers comprehensive solutions to provide your company with the protection it needs to safeguard against a cyberattack. End-to-end solutions can include consultancy, managed detection and response, incident response, digital forensics and incident response, risk assessment, vulnerability management, and more.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCISO) Services

 An experienced CISO oversees an entire security program to protect against cyber threats and meet regulatory compliance requirements. But not every company has the budget to hire and retain a full-time CISO. Pondurance delivers a vCISO service that provides top-level security expertise to help your company stay protected and in compliance. The service allows you to evolve your program as the cybersecurity landscape changes and as your needs and priorities change.


A cybersecurity program must be tailored to defend against a company’s unique risks. At Pondurance, we can build a bundle of services that aligns perfectly with your business objectives and desired outcomes to reduce your cyber risk.
Implementing a risk-based cybersecurity framework and guidelines empowers your organization to optimize resource allocation, enhance threat detection capabilities, and improve overall security effectiveness. By partnering with Pondurance for specialized, consultative services and ongoing risk assessment solutions, you can build a robust security program designed to withstand even the most sophisticated cyber attacks while maintaining focus on core business objectives.

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

As technology continues to evolve, so do the methods of cyber threats and attacks. Organizations of all sizes, and industries are increasingly finding themselves vulnerable to sophisticated cybercriminals seeking to exploit weaknesses in their security defenses. In response to these growing challenges, many organizations realize they need support and guidance on where and how to get started on their cybersecurity journey. In many cases, the journey starts with a cybersecurity risk assessment. 

Pondurance takes a consultative approach with each organization and maps out a customized, flexible roadmap designed to provide the steps needed to get customers protected quickly and to help each customer feel confident in their ability to reduce their risk and protect their organization. The Pondurance Risk Assessment is conducted by one of our security experts, working directly with you and guiding you through the process. Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, our assessment approach examines the most critical aspects of your environment and delivers a clear understanding of your current level of cybersecurity risk and the likelihood of a cybersecurity incident. 

Gaining an understanding of an organizations unique risk profile and conducting a cybersecurity risk assessment serves as a foundation to identify and evaluate potential risks. This process gets the organization started revealing where organizations should focus priorities to allow for a targeted and robust risk-based security program that prioritizes security efforts based on the likelihood and potential impact of threats.

 Pondurance conducts comprehensive and personalized cybersecurity risk assessments, empowering businesses to strengthen their security posture quickly and protect their organization against evolving cyber threats. While the definitions and key components listed below provide an outline for a cyber risk assessment, Pondurance’s meticulous and collaborative process ensures that we align our assessments with our client’s unique requirements and risk tolerance. Our proprietary risk assessment tool MyCyberScoreCard allows our clients complete transparency and easy access visibility to the process every step of the way. 

Let’s get started with understanding what cybersecurity risk assessments are, their components and how Pondurance can play a critical role in assisting you to enhance your cybersecurity defenses through a cyber risk assessment. 

Understanding Cybersecurity Risk Assessments: What is a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment? 

A cybersecurity risk assessment is a systematic process that aims to identify, analyze, and evaluate potential risks to an organization’s information systems, data, and critical assets. It involves assessing the likelihood of various cyber threats occurring and the potential impact these incidents could have on the organization. By quantifying and prioritizing risks, organizations gain valuable insights into their cybersecurity posture, enabling them to allocate resources effectively and make informed decisions to safeguard their digital assets.

Pondurance places great emphasis on the importance of risk assessments as a foundational step in building resilient defenses. Pondurance recognizes that one-size-fits-all approaches to risk assessments are inadequate and takes a holistic approach to cyber risk assessments delivering a risk assessments that are comprehensive, considering not only technical vulnerabilities but also the human element and potential process weaknesses. By taking a holistic approach, Pondurance provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of their risk profile, through the delivery of their cybersecurity risk assessment.

Key Components of a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Asset Identification: The first step in a risk assessment involves identifying and cataloging an organization’s critical assets, including hardware, software, data repositories, applications, and intellectual property. Pondurance conducts tailored cybersecurity risk assessments, working closely with your team to understand business operations, assets, and any specific or unique security concerns. This approach ensures that the risk assessment provides relevant and actionable insights, and helps identify and prioritize your critical assets, ensuring that security measures will be concentrated where they are most needed. 

Threat Identification: Cyber threats come in various forms, from phishing attacks and malware to insider threats and denial-of-service attacks. During the risk assessment, potential threats are identified based on historical incidents, threat intelligence, industry trends, and the organization’s specific environment. Pondurance stays at the forefront of emerging cyber threats and trends through continuous monitoring of the threat landscape. Pondurance proactively identifies potential threats that may target your organization. This intelligence enables you to implement proactive measures and stay ahead of emerging threats. By leveraging real-time threat intelligence, Pondurance can identify and analyze emerging risks, helping you stay ahead of evolving threats.

Vulnerability Assessment: Assessing vulnerabilities within an organization’s systems and infrastructure is crucial as part of your overall cyber risk assessment. These vulnerabilities could result from unpatched software, misconfigurations, weak passwords, or inadequate security controls. Understanding these weaknesses is essential for risk analysis. By conducting thorough vulnerability assessments as part of your cyber risk assessment, Pondurance identifies potential weaknesses in your organization’s infrastructure, applications, and networks. This enables you to address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Risk Analysis and Prioritization: Once threats and vulnerabilities are identified, they are analyzed to determine the likelihood of an incident occurring and the potential impact on the organization. Risks are prioritized based on their significance and potential impact. High-priority risks are those that pose the most significant threat to the organization and require immediate attention and mitigation. Pondurance utilizes data-driven methodologies to quantify and prioritize risks accurately. By relying on both qualitative and quantitative data, your team can make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and risk mitigation strategies.

Customized Risk Mitigation Recommendations: While many risk assessments end with the identification of risks, Pondurance works collaboratively with clients to develop tailored risk mitigation strategies. These strategies encompass technical controls, employee training, incident response planning, and more. Our cyber risk experts, using the MyCyberScorecard platform, partner with you to not only analyze and visualize potential cybersecurity gaps but also make key remediation recommendations.

And one Final Note on Cyber Risk Assessments for Compliance: 

Pondurance recognizes that many industries have specific regulatory compliance requirements. During risk assessments, Pondurance ensures that the identified risks align with industry-specific regulations and standards, providing you with a clear path to compliance. Pondurance ensures that your customized cyber risk assessment aligns with relevant industry standards, facilitating compliance efforts.

Once your cybersecurity risk assessment is complete, Pondurance can help your team develop and implement risk mitigation strategies tailored to address identified vulnerabilities and threats. These strategies may include technical controls, policy creation, updates or changes, employee training and incident response planning. Pondurance will be with you every step of the way recommending customized risk mitigations and helping your team map out and implement those recommendations.

Cybersecurity is not a one-time effort. The threat landscape evolves rapidly, and new vulnerabilities may emerge. Continuous monitoring and regular reassessment are essential to maintain a strong security posture over time. Pondurance makes ongoing assessment easy with your access to the MyCyberScorecard platform. Pondurance Cyber Risk Assessments powered by MyCyberScorecard is an all-in-one solution that delivers streamlined and efficient cybersecurity assessments that align with regulatory standards and compliance requirements.  

In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and relentless, cybersecurity risk assessments have become indispensable for organizations seeking to protect their assets and sensitive data. By identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities, organizations can adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity, allocating resources where they are most needed and making informed decisions to mitigate potential threats. Pondurance, conducts comprehensive and tailored risk assessments, empowering its clients to build resilient defenses and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. Through proactive threat intelligence, data-driven methodologies, and continuous monitoring, Pondurance remains at the forefront of cybersecurity risk assessments, ensuring that businesses are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the digital world securely.

Learn more about Pondurance Cyber Risk Assessments powered by MyCyberscorecard or contact us to start your journey.

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