Incident Response


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Incident Response Driven by Human Expertise

When every minute counts, you need specialized cybersecurity experts to help you respond to a compromise, minimize losses, and prevent future incidents. Pondurance delivers digital forensics and incident response services with an experienced team capable of guiding your organization and legal team every step of the way. This includes containing the incident, determining exposure through forensic analysis, and quickly restoring your normal operations.

Ready to Partner When Crises Arise

Incident Responders

rapidly engage with the primary objective of scoping and containing the incident. Our responders have deep governance and compliance expertise to seamlessly orchestrate activities and directly interact with your management and legal teams.

Forensic and Malware Specialists

Apply deep technical forensics skills, ensuring the proper handling of digital evidence to aid in the investigation and prevent disruptions.

Managed Services Engineers

Support containing and monitoring networks, cloud solutions, and email platforms 24/7 to prevent subsequent attacks on your organization during an incident.

E-Discovery Specialists

Have the ability to collect your data from various sources and programmatically analyze it for protected or other sensitive information.

Cybersecurity and Forensic experts

Manage and review each investigation to validate findings and assist with providing clear and concise written reports or oral testimony.

Our Process

Our proven IR approach, which can be complemented by our proactive managed detection and response (MDR) services, delivers a powerful program for:


Identify and detect an incident as soon as possible


Stop the incident and reduce impact


Eliminate the threat and prevent recurrence


Orchestrate communications with stakeholders


Return to normal operations and conduct a post-breach investigation

How it works

Breach Preparedness

We start with breach preparedness, collecting key company information to facilitate IR services and technical details about your network infrastructure to enable fast deployment should a cyber incident occur. We deliver an IR plan that integrates with any of your internal response plans, insurance policies, and legal team, and establish service level agreements based upon your objectives.

Litigation Support and Investigative Services

With our investigative services and comprehensive litigation support, we are with you through the entire life cycle of the incident. Our forensic specialists focus on your unique requirements to collect and analyze data, determine if protected information has been compromised, and support your legal team to assist them in providing you legal strategies and decisions. With Pondurance as your IR team, you get the independent expert investigative services (e-discovery, IP theft, and cyber incidents) needed to fuel your legal action plans alongside your business recovery plan.

Incident Response

Should you experience or suspect an information security incident or theft of trade secrets, you have access to a team of experts at Pondurance. Our team goes to work quickly utilizing our proprietary technology suite and experienced forensic specialists and support personnel to respond to the incident. We work with you to establish a detailed plan to investigate the incident, provide solutions to contain and eradicate the malicious activity, and communicate with you and stakeholders every step of the way.

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With Pondurance as your cybersecurity IR partner, you are better prepared to successfully mitigate threats and always have a team of experts armed with leading technologies to defend against even the most sophisticated cyberattacks.