Because cyber adversaries use AI and big data too.

To find and stop nefarious attacks you need more than fancy tools. Human intervention can be the difference between swift containment and grave consequences. Pondurance combines our advanced platform with decades of human intelligence to detect and deter threat actors, so you are free to pursue your digital ambitions. 

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Businesses face many challenges trying to secure their assets.


There aren’t enough people.

Given the seriousness of the challenge, businesses are throwing a lot of money at a solution, but there isn’t enough money in the world to hire people that don’t exist. And those that do exist, don’t have the proper training to thwart real threats.

There’s too much
 reliance on technology.

Cybersecurity is still a human battle and requires Authentic Intelligence in addition to technology and tools. The attackers on the other end are people with their own motives and agendas- human behavior is a piece of the puzzle.

Pondurance addresses these challenges head-on. We build authenticity into AI

Every organization deserves a world-class Security Operations Center.

Get the latest technology without having to build your own.

Security technology changes at a dizzying speed, so often what’s newly acquired becomes legacy shortly after it’s implemented. With the Pondurance security platform you get access to the most up-to-date innovations as they are available.

Remarkable security analysts applying Authentic Intelligence.

Find out how we build Authenticity into AI


Proactive, cost-effective, and personal around-the-clock threat protection backed by industry-leading authentic intelligence.

Trusted by clients across the nation.

“They immediately proved their value and earned our trust due to their immense expertise and guidance throughout the entire process.”


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