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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

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Organizations need an experienced CISO to drive critical initiatives and oversee an entire security program and the technologies required to protect the organization and its customers from modern security threats while meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Not every organization has the budget for a top-level CISO to manage security strategy and business continuity. These leaders are rare, making them challenging to hire and retain.

With decades of experience in security consulting and advisory services, Pondurance delivers a Virtual CISO (vCISO) service that applies expertise where it is needed most. Our team of seasoned security consultants aligns with a wide array of administrative, operational, and key security program competencies to help organizations that are not in the position to bring in a full-time CISO to achieve short-and long-term organizational goals.

Manage and mature your security posture for a fraction of the cost of a C-suite headcount.


  • Accelerate security program maturity
  • Access to a team of experts
  • Improve compliance and avoid penalties
  • Reduce security risk and business continuity
  • Decrease overhead cost of hiring a full-time CISO


Focus Areas

  • Program development
  • Policy and standards
  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Security

Assess and Plan — 
With deep knowledge across multiple security and compliance standards, our virtual CISO consultants will assess the needs of your organization and provide expertise on regulatory and statutory requirements as they relate to security.

Build and Implement
A detailed security program is designed for your organization, putting security and compliance at the forefront, along with contingency, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans, which are tested and put in place to improve the organization’s security posture. By using a security maturity model approach, the organization is able to progress in areas that require additional resources in order to achieve the desired goal of maintaining core security operations.

Monitor and Sustain — 
Pondurance will develop and implement needed policies, procedures and practices to address areas of improvement within the organization to help you sustain the proposed strategy.

The Monitor and Sustain phase includes recurring activities provided by Pondurance, such as planned updates of the organization’s risk assessment, response to security questionnaires and other agreed-upon operational activities that enhance the organization’s security posture.

With Pondurance as your cybersecurity partner, you have strategic guidance to help establish and maintain long-term security goals to protect you from today’s and tomorrow’s security risks.

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