Vulnerability Management Program (VMP)

We take a risk-based approach to identify, categorize, and prioritize vulnerabilities based on what's most important to you, so you can stay one step ahead of attackers, and ensure your most valuable assets are secure.

Penetration Testing

Information gathering

Perform comprehensive discovery and enumeration procedures to target pertinent internal address ranges. Establish a baseline of services to manually test for common configuration issues and vulnerabilities.

Verification and manual testing

Review and validate all identified vulnerabilities to remove false positives. Human-driven manual testing procedures are executed to identify flaws not easily identified with automated tools. Penetration Testing is performed against identified vulnerabilities to evaluate the effectiveness of security controls. 

Vulnerability discovery

Perform detailed security analysis and vulnerability scanning using a comprehensive suite of tools.

60% of all breaches are the result of unpatched vulnerabilities

Each day, new vulnerabilities are discovered that can potentially provide entry into your digital assets. As those vulnerabilities remain unpatched or systems remain misconfigured, organizational risk is heightened. Additionally, many organizations leverage an annual penetration test to uncover weaknesses in their systems, but this point-in-time analysis often leaves weaknesses undiscovered for months on end.

A critical component of our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution, Pondurance’s VMP is designed to address this challenge. We combine periodic vulnerability scanning with a full, scheduled penetration test. Our VMP service adds precision, priority and efficiency, reducing the attack surface your digital assets present to would-be attackers.  Pondurance’s VMP is another way we provide you with peace of mind.

VMP Choreography

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Why Pondurance?

We help balance out a reliance on technology.

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools are leveraged by both attackers and defenders. When such parity is achieved, the advantage is with the attacker, as the attacker only has to be correct once to successfully effectuate an exploit, whereas defenders must be correct at all times.

Cybersecurity will, therefore, always be a human battle, and both ML and AI have to be used as force multipliers — not as a replacement. 

Our experience is a differentiator.

Our efforts have helped authorities on the state and federal levels track down cybercriminals and unveil numerous zero-day vulnerabilities. While attribution is not a primary objective, we are proud of our record of bringing bad actors to justice where we can. It’s our way of helping the community.

This connection at the state level and with the FBI at the federal level makes us a strong partner to have on your side.

We’re always on, and we always collaborate.

Backing up our team of 24/7 threat hunters, our consulting team has over 250 years of combined cybersecurity experience in a variety of industries. The collaboration of our offensive (pen testing) and defensive (security operations center) teams drives instant value that keeps our threat hunters on the cutting edge.

We are truly a team of experts with all eyes on your security. 

Strengthen the backbone of your security program with our security program enhancers.

We’re a well-seasoned cybersecurity team that speaks your language. We start by assessing your current security weaknesses and then build rock-solid solutions to safeguard your future. You get laser-focused security, precision compliance and practical solutions tailored to your organization — all from a partner you can trust.


Builds personalized information security programs to secure data and keep your business compliant at every turn.

Information Security

Aligns core goals and strategic direction by applying a flexible system that targets deficiencies across your business’s entire infrastructure.

Business Continuity

Create scalable solutions to keep your business technically resilient and safe at all hours of the day.

Penetration Testing Companies

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of fortifying their cybersecurity defenses. Penetration testing companies, commonly referred to as “pen testing” providers, play a pivotal role in this endeavor by assessing and enhancing security postures. Top pen testing companies simulate cyber attacks to identify vulnerabilities, and Pondurance stands out among them with its rigorous standards and cutting-edge technology usage.

The rise of cyber threats has propelled top penetration testing companies into the spotlight as indispensable partners in safeguarding sensitive information and systems. These organizations specialize in conducting simulated cyber attacks to identify vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them.

Elements of Penetration Testing Companies

Penetration testing companies scrutinize the vulnerabilities in an organization’s cyber infrastructure to identify areas of weakness. Pondurance, a leader in the field, offers comprehensive services in penetration testing. Leveraging cutting-edge methodologies and a team of seasoned professionals, Pondurance assists businesses in identifying and rectifying security gaps proactively.

Benefits of Engaging with Penetration Testing Companies

Comprehensive Risk Assessment:

Penetration testing companies conduct thorough assessments that go beyond standard vulnerability scans. By emulating actual cyber threats, they provide a holistic view of an organization’s security posture.

Pondurance, with its expertise, not only identifies vulnerabilities but also offers valuable insights about where fortification is needed through simulated attacks.

Application Security Testing:

Application security testing is a crucial component of penetration testing. Companies like Pondurance specialize in testing applications for potential security threats, ensuring they are watertight against security breaches.

Pondurance’s services extend to comprehensive application security testing, addressing every conceivable security loophole within applications.

Network Penetration Testing:

Pondurance excels in network penetration testing, systematically probing a network’s defenses to identify weak points. Skilled professionals, armed with up-to-date knowledge and advanced tools, demonstrate why Pondurance is among the top network testing companies.

Key Role of Penetration Testing Companies

Understanding the key components of penetration testing defines the high standards adopted by the best pen testing companies. Pondurance exemplifies this by providing exemplary services with rigorous standards, extensive reach, up-to-date knowledge, and global accessibility.

Penetration Testing Tools:

Cybersecurity evasion is a growing concern, requiring organizations to be vigilant and proactive. Among the most effective shields is penetration testing, employing top pen testing tools such as Metasploit, Wireshark, Nessus, and Aircrack-ing. Pondurance excels in providing penetration testing services, utilizing these tools to fortify organizational cybersecurity.

Pondurance maintains a detailed penetration testing tools list, ensuring the most up-to-date and innovative technology solutions for resilient and current defenses.

Penetration Testing Risk Assessment and Compliance:

Pondurance performs an in-depth penetration testing risk assessment before initiating any cybersecurity onslaught. Risks are identified, rated, and evaluated in alignment with specific regulatory and legislative requirements.

Furthermore, Pondurance ensures adherence to all relevant compliance standards post-penetration testing, crucial in the wake of stringent data protection laws. Monitoring system changes, reviewing security controls, and ensuring the accuracy of security practices are part of Pondurance’s proactive stance on compliance.

Penetration Testing Steps

Penetration testing involves a series of structured and methodical steps. Pondurance’s experts follow a comprehensive process, starting with the ‘Planning and Reconnaissance’ phase and concluding with the ‘Analysis’ phase, providing organizations with actionable solutions to enhance security.

Understanding the steps involved in penetration testing is crucial, and Pondurance’s expertise ensures every possible loophole is explored to safeguard organizational assets against cyber threats.

Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability Assessment

A proactive approach to security involves both penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. Pondurance offers both services, leveraging penetration testing to simulate cyber attacks and vulnerability assessments to systematically identify, categorize, and rank vulnerabilities.

Pondurance’s deep-seated dedication to assisting businesses includes providing a thorough Penetration Testing service and a meticulous Vulnerability Assessment, ensuring organizations stay well ahead of threat actors.

In conclusion, a hybrid model incorporating both penetration testing and vulnerability assessments optimizes defense mechanisms. Pondurance’s comprehensive approach to vulnerability scanning and management creates a powerful shield against cyber threats, crafting a digitally safe environment for growth and productivity.