Risk-Based Cybersecurity for Educational Institutions

So your cybersecurity program focuses on what's most important and you can focus on students.


Ransomware attacks have been around for decades, affecting organizations of all sizes and threatening K-12 as well as higher education. How do you avoid attacks like ransomware at your school and how much cybersecurity do you need?

Join Ron Pelletier, Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Pondurance, to discuss:
  • Cybercriminal motivations and common cyberattacks
  • How to formulate your cybersecurity program
  • The importance of performing risk analysis

Joplin School District Improves its Cybersecurity Posture with MDR

The Joplin School District wanted to improve its cybersecurity posture. The district was using legacy cybersecurity tools and wanted to be more proactive to make sure it was not the next victim on the news.
In this case study, you’ll see how Pondurance Managed Detection and Response (MDR) was the right fit for the Joplin School District and how Joplin’s IT leadership ultimately saved the district money by adopting Pondurance MDR.

We had a need to develop an internal incident response plan that goes beyond running away and jumping off a bridge.

Vince Crossley, Network Administrator, Joplin School District

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Back to School Cybersecurity Checklist

Keep students and teachers safe online with these helpful reminders so they don’t become victims of a cyberattack. Being prepared includes keeping software up to date, installing antivirus software, using strong passwords, providing security awareness training, and knowing how to detect a phishing email. Get the full list to share with your school!

Education organizations are turning to MDR to combat threats. Learn more about cybersecurity considerations for schools in our eBook.