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What is the Pondurance Risk-Based Approach to Cybersecurity

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  • Cybersecurity tied directly to your specific business objectives and tailored to support your desired business outcomes. Our cybersecurity and compliance program is designed to track business value and show return on investment through efficiency and reduced risk.

  • A consultative approach that provides access to experienced security practitioners through our virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) service. Your vCISO partners with you throughout your journey and creates a program that focuses on your specific cybersecurity and compliance needs today. The service provides a built-in ability to evolve your program as the cybersecurity landscape changes and as your needs and priorities change.

  • The ability to bring together end-to-end solutions including consultancy, risk assessment, managed detection and response, incident response, digital forensics and incident response, vulnerability management, and more. We integrate platforms and assets to optimize your existing technology stack, increase efficiencies, and reduce risk.

  • An understanding of your control alignment and compliance status that allows us to bundle services for you that line up with your needs and desired business outcomes. That way, there are no security gaps and no inefficiencies from overlapping capabilities.

  • A business model built on the risk-based consultative approach for clients. We provide end-to-end solutions with a team of skilled, innovative professionals who use technology, automation, and advanced analytics to meet individual client needs.

  • A team that integrates threat intelligence into the core systems. Team members gather specific intelligence, provide relevant data to influence your cyber resiliency, and operationalize threat intelligence to gain insights on what the next looming threat might look like and how to plan, recognize, respond to, and mitigate it.

  • A layered approach to cybersecurity that uses a team of cybersecurity experts who can limit your cyber risk exposure and ensure that you can confidently respond to a cyber crisis.

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