Risk-Based Cybersecurity for Healthcare Providers

So your cybersecurity program focuses on what's most important, and you can focus on patient care.

Case Studies

Incident Response (IR) for Healthcare

We thought we had been making the right security investments. Then we had an incident and brought in Pondurance. They immediately proved their value and earned our trust due to their immense expertise and guidance throughout the entire process. We simply wouldn‘t have been successful without them.

Steve Long, President and CEO, Hancock Health

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) For Healthcare

Learn more about our risk-based approach, and dynamic defense methodology

Dustin Hutchison, Ph.D.

Practical Cybersecurity: A Road Map for Your Healthcare Organization

Protecting your healthcare organization is an ongoing process, and it requires careful planning. But with the right people, technology and policies in place, you’re more likely to find and fix vulnerabilities, detect and thwart threats and avert disaster. Getting there isn’t necessarily easy, but you don’t have to do it alone. This eBook can help you cut through the clutter, complexity and confusion.

Learn more about Pondurance's risk-based cybersecurity approach for healthcare organizations

an Interview with ISMG and Doug Howard

doug headshot


Achieving Optimal Cybersecurity ROI

Ransomware attacks have been around for decades, affecting healthcare organizations of all sizes. Ransomware groups are becoming relentless in their tactics and while most are financially motivated, there can be other reasons your healthcare organization is targeted.
Join us to discuss cybercriminal motivations and common cyberattacks, how to assess your cybersecurity risk from a financial perspective to get the support you need, and the minimum control considerations to get you started today.

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