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Cyber Risk Assessment

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With the escalating growth of cybercrime, it is more important than ever to understand the level of cybersecurity risk your organization faces and the potential impacts of an incident.

Despite the importance, many organizations have a poor understanding of their current risk level and believe obtaining any of this information to be an expensive and time-consuming process.

Pondurance has the solution. Our Risk Assessment process provides you with a quick and easy way to identify your current levels of risk and the potential of an incident.


The Pondurance Risk Assessment is conducted by one of our security experts, working directly with you and guiding you through the process. Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, our assessment approach examines the most critical aspects of your environment and delivers a clear understanding of your current level of cybersecurity risk and the likelihood of a cybersecurity incident.

Our Process

You provide a brief set of information related to your data assets, regulatory and compliance environment and basic controls.
You meet with a Pondurance security expert, who will guide you through the assessment phase, typically taking only about an hour of time.
Our security expert generates and delivers a practical summary, giving you visibility into your overall risk levels as well as a heat map covering your risks by severity, the specific nature of threats and vulnerabilities, and recommendations for reducing risks.

Your Report

    • Valuable and practical insight into existing cyber-risk levels
    • Recommendations for mitigation

With a Pondurance Cyber Risk Assessment, you can acquire a clear understanding of your current cybersecurity risk levels and receive recommendations for reducing these risks, with minimal time and expense.

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