Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Businesses face many challenges trying to secure their assets.

There aren't
enough people.

There is a shortage of security talent. It is difficult and expensive to hire and retain skilled cyber defenders.

Technology isn't enough

Motivated attackers work relentlessly to bypass technology. Human attackers must be confronted by human defenders.


Threat Hunting + Response (TH+R)

Pondurance TH+R is NOT just another Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution. Pondurance has deliberately integrated the best tech with the best human intelligence to drive the most complete and dynamic level of Managed Detection and Response for our customers. We call this Authentic Intelligence, which represents the most effective form of AI. Now you can stay one step ahead of attackers and pursue your digital ambitions. 


Authentic Intelligence. Better Outcomes.

Most Advanced Platform

  • Orchestration of your existing resources
  • Smart tuning and machine learning
  • Sub-second ingest latency, index-free logging, and highly-scalable in any environment

Broadest Detection and Threat Hunting Capability

  • Network Detection and Response – Fully managed and monitored, Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) sensors
  • Endpoint Detection and Response – Fully managed and monitored EDR solution
  • Log – Full managed and monitored, SIEM as a Service platform

Optimized Human and Technology Confluence

  • Converged intelligence combining the latest threat hunting methods by our analysts and AI
  • 24/7 monitoring and threat hunting from Multiple SOC Locations
  • Threat confirmation and auto-blocking to avoid business impact

Closed-Loop Incident Response

  • Instant Triage and Incident Response Engagement
  • Comprehensive forensic analysis for real-time impact analysis
  • Rapid Return to Normal Operations with guided improvement recommendations

TH+R steps diagram

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Let’s get real. SIEMs weren’t designed for middle market consumers. While a traditional SIEM solution can look appealing, successful execution requires experiences, full-time human resources. On top of hiring a team of trained experts with a historically high turnover rate, the technology investment requires constant maintenance, and to stay on top of the latest threats is expensive and time-consuming. 

Budgets are in place for a reason: to establish a reasonable threshold for expenses. The trouble with cyber security budgeting and forecasting is the lack of reliable historical data. 

Despite the rising costs of cyber security technology, security programs are routinely under-funded, which often means they are also understaffed. This leaves many CISOs and other IT Leadership without adequate security resources. To make matters worse, security professionals have struggled to communicate the need for budget increases to the C-suite unless—or rather, until—there is a problem. When things look good, many companies find it hard to justify keeping security positions, and when things are bad, jobs are on the line. Unfortunately, the cost of a crisis far exceeds what could have been spent to prevent it.

Why Pondurance?

We help balance out a reliance on technology.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools are leveraged by both attackers and defenders. When such parity is achieved, the advantage is with the Attacker, as they only have to be correct once to successfully effectuate an exploit, whereas Defenders must be correct at all times.

Cybersecurity will, therefore, always be a human battle, and both ML and AI have to be used as force multipliers – not a replacement. 

Our experience is a differentiator.

Our efforts have helped authorities on the state and national level track down cyber criminals and unveil numerous zero day vulnerabilities. While attribution is not a primary objective, we are proud of our record to be able to bring bad actors to justice where we can. It’s our way of helping the community. 

This connection at the state level and with the FBI makes us a strong partner to have on your side. 

We’re always on, and we always collaborate.

Our SOC never takes a vacation, which is an invaluable prospect to consider if you are managing threat monitoring internally. Backing up our team of 24/7 threat hunters, our consulting team has over 250 years of combined cybersecurity experience in a variety of industries. The collaboration of our offensive (pen testing) and defensive (SOC) teams drive instant value that keep our threat hunters on the cutting edge.

We are truly a team of experts with all eyes on our clients’ security. 

Advisory Services

Strengthen the backbone of your security program with our Security Program Enhancers.

We’re a well-seasoned cybersecurity team that speaks your language. We start by assessing your current security weaknesses and then build rock-solid solutions to safeguard your future. You get laser-focused security, precision compliance, and practical solutions tailored to your organization—all from a partner you can trust.


Builds personalized information security programs to secure data and keep businesses compliant at every turn.

Information Security

Aligns core goals and strategic direction by applying a flexible system that targets deficiencies across businesses’ entire infrastructure.

Business Continuity

Create scalable solutions to keep businesses technically resilient and safe at all hours of the day.