Vulnerability Management Program (VMP)

Reduce your future attacks

Organizations face many vulnerabilities in today’s dynamic
threat landscape.

Cybersecurity and risk management leaders are under tremendous pressure to eliminate vulnerabilities to stay secure and compliant across cloud systems, IT resources, and endpoint devices. As a result, organizations must rethink their vulnerability management approaches to reduce the likelihood and impact of attacks.

With experience in midmarket and enterprise organizations, Pondurance VMP provides a managed service to continually identify, categorize, and prioritize vulnerabilities, as well as recommend actionable insight to mitigate potential threats. Our team of highly experienced security operation experts examines components within your environment that pose potential threats.


Quickly identify and patch the most critical vulnerabilities that enable data theft and ransomware.

Demonstrate data privacy compliance and avoid penalties and fines through effective vulnerability management.

Quantify risks to build a risk management plan.

Gain actionable insight into your internal and external risks.

Get access to Pondurance’s Security Operations Center (SOC) Team and always-on vulnerability reports.


Our People

Highly Experienced Pondurance SOC Team

Pondurance’s SOC Team has decades of experience working with a variety of clients and understands the complex threat landscape. Our highly skilled team utilizes manual tests to reduce false positives and identify threats that are not easily discovered through automated processes. We provide ongoing support, giving clients the confidence to reduce the likelihood of future attacks while we formulate a clear plan of attack.

VMP HC Info sheet graphic

How it Works

Weekly Threat Reports – Pondurance provides your team a weekly report that identifies relevant vulnerabilities based on findings and prioritization. We share assigned risk ratings and alert you of potential threats and vulnerabilities that align with your asset inventory.

Specialized Threat and Vulnerability Inventory Assessment and Scanning – Pondurance works directly with your cybersecurity and IT teams to conduct a comprehensive inventory of the elements within your digital environment that will be scanned and assessed for threats and vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Monthly External and Quarterly Internal Vulnerability Scanning – Pondurance will perform detailed security analysis and vulnerability scanning on a continuous, monthly, and quarterly basis. Our SOC Team targets threats and vulnerabilities from the outside in, with a monthly external scan to find the weakest points of exploitation. An internal quarterly vulnerability scan targets the most relevant internal servers and devices.

Annual Penetration Testing – The Pondurance SOC Team will perform focused testing to exploit vulnerabilities and penetrate systems to mirror that of a real-world attack, giving your security team the knowledge it needs to focus resources and efforts where you need them most. A report from the pen test will give you the confidence to improve your defense against the most sophisticated attacks.