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Blue and green cyber lock protecting network.

Data Breach Notifications With

Data breaches are frequently occurring, and the scale to which they affect organizations and users is massive. Oftentimes, organizations are notified by third-parties that they have been breached. As an organization, how are you supposed to react to this type of communication? For those that need more knowledge into which of your accounts have been

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Three security analysts responding to a cybersecurity incident

How to be Resilient Against Cyberattacks With Incident Response (IR)

Ransomware attacks continue to evolve, while cybercriminals are finding new techniques to extort more funds than ever from healthcare, government, manufacturing, education, and private sectors worldwide. These high-profile attacks stress the importance of an incident response (IR) plan to identify, prevent and respond to business disruptions and avoid millions in losses.  But what is IR,

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Patient at home speaking to doctor on telehealth laptop visit

Challenges Healthcare Leaders Face: Beyond Digitization to Compliance

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are facing an accelerated digital transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, creating new challenges in healthcare, such as a rise in cyber threats and regulation compliance. Pondurance commissioned Xtelligent Healthcare Media to survey IT, cybersecurity, and privacy professionals in hospitals to further understand the cybersecurity challenges and needs hospitals face in

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