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Healthcare professional taking reports from an infusion pump.

Unpatched Vulnerabilities Put Healthcare Organizations at Risk

All industries are experiencing the ongoing threat of cyberattacks, and healthcare is no exception. The financial impact of a cyberattack can wreak havoc on the bottom line. More importantly, a cyberattack at a healthcare organization can risk patient safety and cost lives. In a recent report, researchers analyzed more than 200,000 infusion pumps that automatically

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Tired, overwhelmed lady, sitting at a desk looking straight ahead as a computer tablet, watch, clipboard and smartphone are being thrust at her

K-12 School Districts and the Cybersecurity Challenge

After a longer-than-expected pandemic period, K-12 school districts are back in the classroom. Administrators and teachers are working to keep students healthy and learning, while IT teams are working to create a safe and operating online environment for students. Though the education industry is not the most targeted industry as it was back in 2020,

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