Pondurance provides a suite of cybersecurity services to enable healthcare organizations with tools to reduce risk, mature their security posture, and maximize their investments.


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Young boy with striped shirt working on desktop computer in classroom with other students while teacher is standing at front of classroom talking.

The State of Cybersecurity in Education

With the onset of the pandemic, education changed. K-12 schools and higher education institutions ushered in remote learning, accommodated the influx of internet-connected devices, worked to safeguard the data of students, teachers, and administrators from an increasing number of cyberattacks, and more.  Today, the education industry is still feeling the effects of the many changes.

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Fifty- and one-hundred dollar bills swirling down into a digital vortex made up of zeros and ones.

The Preventable Scam: Fraudulent Wire Transfer

Pondurance CEO Doug Howard recently had the opportunity to talk with friend and Pondurance business partner, Rick Borden, on the topic of fraudulent wire transfers. Rick is a Partner at the law firm Frankfurt Kurnit Klein + Selz, specializing in cybersecurity and privacy and the Pondurance and Frankfurt Kurnit teams collaborate when one of Frankfurt’s

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Cloud Security

Pondurance Innovations and Integrations for Cloud Security

Cloud computing has created the biggest tectonic shift in IT this century. It has reshaped and optimized the process of application development and data storage, giving organizations the agility to rapidly and efficiently scale in accordance with their business needs. It has also drastically reduced capital expenditure  costs and total cost of ownership for organizations

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