Incident Response (IR) for Healthcare Organizations

Rapid Response and Proactive Services To Protect Patient Data

Healthcare organizations are at risk

with the rise in unique cybersecurity challenges that lead to ransomware, medical identity theft, and other cyberattacks. Increased threats, along with the reliance on medical IoT devices and vulnerable legacy systems, leave many medical providers vulnerable. Healthcare organizations require specialized cybersecurity experts to help them rapidly respond to an incident, minimize damage and loss, and prevent future compromise.  

With experience across hundreds of healthcare organizations,  Pondurance delivers digital forensics and incident response services  and guides healthcare organizations every step of the way. When every  minute counts, the Pondurance team investigates and contains the  incident, determines exposure through forensic analysis, and helps  restore healthcare operations.

Put incidents behind you and get back to patient care.

Our people

Incident Responders have deep healthcare expertise and rapidly engage with the primary objective of investigating the  incident to contain it, preventing damage and loss.  

Incident Handlers have deep governance and compliance  expertise to seamlessly orchestrate activities and directly  interact with key healthcare administrators. 

Forensic and Malware Specialists apply deep technical  forensics skills, ensuring the proper handling of digital  evidence to enable the success of the engagement.

Our Process

Pondurance’s IR combines our industry-leading managed detection and response platform, backed by authentic human intelligence and healthcare expertise. Our team has extensive experience working with the complex threat landscape and  requirements of the healthcare industry:  

Identification – Identify and detect an incident as soon as possible.  

Containment – Stop the incident and reduce the impact on digital patient information, medical devices, and facility operations. 

Eradication – Eliminate the threat and prevent a recurrence. 

Recovery – Return to normal operations and conduct a post-breach investigation.

How It works

Proactive Service: Breach Preparedness 

We start with breach preparedness, collecting key information within your healthcare organization to facilitate IR services and  details about your infrastructure and medical devices to enable  fast deployment should a cyber incident occur. We deliver an IR plan that integrates with any internal response plans and  set service level agreements based upon your healthcare  organization’s objectives.  

Emergency Services: IR 

Should you experience or suspect a breach, you have access to Pondurance’s IR team to ensure the incident is handled with  speed and precision. Our team goes to work, quickly utilizing  our proprietary technology suite and an experienced team of  responders, handlers, and forensic specialists to respond to  the incident within your healthcare network. We work with you  to identify, contain, eradicate, and recover from the breach and communicate with key administrators every step of the way to reduce risk to patient care.  

With Pondurance as your cybersecurity IR partner, you are better prepared to mitigate threats successfully. Our team of experts is armed with leading technologies to respond and eliminate even the most sophisticated cyberattacks that threaten technical operations within your healthcare organization.  

Experiencing a Breach?