2021 Prediction: Bad actors will get smarter about cryptojacking as cryptocurrency legitimacy increases.

The market value of Bitcoin alone has increased to over $580 billion in 2020 and will continue to increase, making it more lucrative to mine. As a result, more players will enter the game and cryptojacking instances will spike.

We expect to see more cryptojacking compromising cloud service accounts such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. Actors will get smarter and run the processes they need to mine at low thresholds to avoid tipping off customers and cloud providers.

This prediction goes hand in hand with our prediction for ransomware attacks. The growing market value and popularity of cryptocurrency have made it enticing for an actor to successfully complete a ransomware attack and easily get compensated, with lower traceability.

Cybersecurity has improved, but bad actors continue to evolve.

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