Risk-Based Cybersecurity

with Managed Detection and Response and Pondurance Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

What is a Security Operations Center?

A SOC is the right collection of technologies and people–security analysts, threat hunters, threat intelligence and incident response experts—all working together to detect and respond to cyberthreats and reduce your risk.

"A SOC is a centralized function operating as first responders for attempted intrusions with responsibilities that include detection, analysis, investigation and response on a 24/7 basis.”

– Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: July 2022

Building your Own SOC Vs. Outsourcing

How many cybersecurity experts does it take to run a SOC?
Industry analysts and security vendors might all answer this question a little differently. But one thing everyone knows; it takes significant resources, both in terms of technology and a TEAM of expert people, to run a SOC.
When it comes to staffing a SOC, it takes a combination of highly skilled security analysts, threat hunters and incident responders all working in concert to find, validate and remediate incoming cyberthreats on a 24/7/365 basis, because bad actors don’t respect business hours and will strike at the most inopportune times.
And perhaps the most daunting aspect of building your own SOC is the noted cybersecurity skills shortage and salary requirements of highly skilled cybersecurity experts, making it difficult to compete with cybersecurity firms and large enterprise salaries and growth opportunities.
It also takes security technologies to monitor, detect and respond to threats across networks, logs, endpoints and clouds, and this type of technology needs proper configuration and constant tuning by the experts noted above to be effective. 

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Pondurance MDR and SOC Services

Pondurance offers you combine advanced technology and experienced security professionals to protect your organization, mature your cybersecurity and reduce risks. 
Pondurance is fully staffed with seasoned analysts, threat responders, and other security experts to seamlessly integrate with your existing team to monitor and analyze data 24/7. We apply a humans-first approach, enabled by technology at every step of the cybersecurity process. Our professionals respond to real-time alerts with context, collaboration, remediation, and recommendations. In addition, we are fully engaged in active threat hunting which allows our team to detect and investigate the threats that are relevant to our clients’ environments and uncover unknown threats.

24/7 protection

Gartner Says:

Use MDR services to obtain 24/7, remotely delivered, human-led security operations capabilities when there are no existing internal capabilities, or when the organization needs to accelerate or augment existing security operations capabilities.

Pondurance Agrees:

Our analysts, threat responders, security experts, and technology can function as your full security operations team or seamlessly integrate with your existing team to provide dynamic detection and prevention controls. We provide the 24/7, eyes-on-glass monitoring you need and can integrate any technology that your organization already has in place to maximize your current cybersecurity investments.

But the key benefit to partnering with Pondurance is our risk-based proactive approach to your cybersecurity. This simply means that you never lose control of your cybersecurity program.  We aligned with your specific business objectives, compliance regulations and desired business outcomes, so you can prevent and protect your organizations against cyber threats.  You have complete access to your data and analysts, as we are truly an extension of your team.

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