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Pondurance MDR is the Solution Your Business Needs and Here's Why

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Human Intelligence

Managed detection and response (MDR) services should provide the technology and people needed to defend against cyberattacks.

The Pondurance Difference

Technology alone can’t stop attackers. Human intelligence is the foundation of any comprehensive cybersecurity solution — and Pondurance is staffed with exceptional humans who know how to leverage cutting-edge technology.

The Details

  • Our analysts, threat responders, security experts, and technology seamlessly integrate with your existing team to provide dynamic detection and prevention controls
  • You can communicate with the team 24/7 via the Scope platform or by phone
  • A client-to-analyst ratio of 10-to-1 ensures you get the support you need
  • We can integrate any technology that your company already has in place to maximize your current investments

Complete End-to-End Visibility

An MDR provider must have a commanding and all-encompassing view of client environments to protect systems and data from potential attacks.

The Pondurance Difference

We take a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, offering 360-degree visibility across all your networks, endpoints, devices, logs, and cloud infrastructure to ensure a broad and in-depth view of your cyber environment.

The Details

  • There are no gaps in visibility
  • We use fine-grained visibility for proper threat protection
  • You receive full access to your own data

Prevention and Detection with Threat Hunting

An MDR provider should respond to alerts and identify cyber threats across a client’s systems.

The Pondurance Difference

Our experts proactively hunt for signs of malicious activity on networks, endpoints, devices, logs, and cloud infrastructure. We offer the best in malware prevention and respond to real-time alerts with confirmation, context, collaboration, and active response measures.

The Details

  • We partner with top-tier endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions including SentinelOne, CrowdStrike, and Microsoft Defender
  • All alerts are monitored in real time
  • Threat hunting comes standard in all contracts
  • Logs are ingested from any source to add visibility, correlation, and detailed context
  • Our team inspects all network packets and defines network telemetry from all internal networks and major cloud infrastructure

Incident Response (IR)

An MDR provider should identify, contain, and respond to threats and, when necessary, guide a client through remediation.

The Pondurance Difference

From the moment a threat is detected, our experienced team springs into action with a coordinated IR plan. Our rapid in-house IR capability can effectively bring continuity of response, minimize damage, reduce recovery time, and keep costs under control.

The Details

  • Our experts bring years of experience and precision to ensure effective action and remediation
  • We focus on safe handling practices to ensure that your incident will be attended to with the utmost care and professionalism
  • We provide maximum continuity in response when timing is critical

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Pondurance

  • Human intelligence

    Human attackers must be confronted by human defenders, making people the most important component of any comprehensive cybersecurity service. Pondurance is well staffed with seasoned analysts, threat responders, and other experts to monitor and analyze data 24/7.

  • Integrated technology

    You may already have technology and people in place, and we believe you shouldn’t have to throw out existing tools and teams. Instead, we build on what you have. We integrate your existing infrastructure and controls into our own monitoring and response platform.

  • Full visibility

    Pondurance uses 360-degree visibility to see the big cybersecurity picture. We offer broad and deep visibility across all networks, clouds, logs, endpoints, and devices to defend your company against any cyber threat. Plus, you always have full access to your own data.

  • Incident response

    Once a threat is identified in the cyber landscape, every minute counts. When you partner with Pondurance as your MDR provider, we help your organization immediately respond to a cyber threat to minimize damage and reduce recovery time and costs.

  • Compliance

    Keeping track of security log, data storage, and audit requirements demands in-depth knowledge and competency. Pondurance’s team of experts can readily implement your organization’s specific policies and navigate through any compliance issues.

  • Industry expertise

    Every industry has unique privacy issues, compliance requirements, and rules and regulations that organizations must follow. Pondurance can tackle any cyber-related issue that arises with the confidence that comes from having been there and done that.

  • 24/7 SOCs

    Our security operations centers (SOCs) monitor and analyze your security data 24/7, even when your office is empty. All SOCs are located within the United States, so you never have to worry about your data crossing the U.S. border.

  • Customized solutions

    No one cybersecurity package fits every business, so we customize our services to your specific needs. We meet you where you are in your cybersecurity journey. Then, as your cybersecurity needs mature over time, our services adapt to continue keeping you safe and in compliance.

  • Pricing

    Often, small and midsize clients don’t consume enough data to take advantage of economies of scale. Pondurance believes that a client with low volume should not be forced to pay the same amount as a client with high volume, so we set our prices accordingly.

  • Risk-based approach

    Pondurance focuses on your company’s specific cyber risks, based on what you want to accomplish and need to protect. We help you identify your specific risks, prioritize those risks, and implement the most impactful ways to protect against those risks.

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