Animals are some of our best friends and make working from home that much more enjoyable! How lucky are we that we get to live with and work with our pets? All our furry friends keep us company at Pondurance while working remotely. They’ll put a smile on your face! We highlight a few of our furry friends below.


My furry friend is my 1-year-old cat MewMew. There is never a dull moment with her in my life. Our family adopted MewMew to cast some positivity during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we work and learn from home, MewMew keeps us company by saying hello — and often saying hi to our virtual co-workers.

Monique Becenti, Product Marketing Manager

MewMew Furry Friends


Rizzo is full of energy. He loves to walk, unless it’s too hot. He is very social and thinks everyone wants to pet him or pay attention to him. Our day is filled with walks, bike rides, work and errands. He even has his own car seat for errands and road trips!

His bark lets me know when he needs to go outside or when it’s time to quit working. After hours, we are either sitting outside on the back patio—chasing birds, rabbits, and anything that crosses by the fence or sitting on the front porch swing so he can scan the neighborhood for other dogs and kids.

Noel Nicholas, Marketing Operations Manager

Rizzo Furry Friends

Tony and Zeke

These little guys are just 8 weeks old and are a blast. Whether they’re running around the house, climbing and sleeping on my desk, or pawing at my screen when I’m on Zoom meetings, they are great entertainment.

Dylan Hutchison, Associate Channel Account Manager

Tony Furry Friends


Gracie is my office partner, and she keeps me sane in many ways throughout the day.  With the hectic, fast-paced day of the marketing team, I can sometimes get so engrossed in deadlines and projects that I literally forget to get up from my desk. But when Gracie is here, she keeps me on a schedule of movement. When she arrives early each morning, she insists on an early morning walk to start our day. After her post-walk nap, midmorning, she gets me up from the desk and moving again to take her out for a brief inspection of the backyard and provide her a treat for being such a good girl. 

Sometimes during her leisurely afternoon nap schedule, she wakes just long enough to lay her head on my lap for a good ear rub. After her afternoon nap, when she is picked up, she reminds me to take a break from my desk to bid her a proper goodbye. Her daily routine gets me up and moving…because who could possibly say no to that face! 

Suzanne Levy, Digital Marketing Director

Gracie Furry Friends


Tenny is a 1 ½ -year-old Labradoodle and my meeting buddy. She makes meetings fun because you never know when she’s going to hop up on the guest bed behind me and paw at me for attention! 

Tenny has a lot of opinions, especially about strawberries, blueberries, and popcorn. She thinks we should always share with her. She doesn’t like it when someone is on the phone for too long and protests when we have a day full of meetings! She absolutely loves cheese, bacon, and peanut butter. She is very passionate about grass and insists on daily grass time at the park.

Hayley Hogan, Digital Content Marketing Manager

Tenny Furry Friends

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