The managed detection and response (MDR) market is growing in popularity. Gartner has observed a 44% growth in end users’ inquiries for MDR over the past year. With a growing choice of MDR vendors, it is important to properly evaluate MDR security benefits and which is the best fit for your organization. 

As MDR grows as an industry, it is important to select a provider, like Pondurance, that can grow with you and evolve as the industry evolves. Many organizations look to MDR providers to be their security team or an extension of their security team. The best part of having Pondurance as your MDR provider is our ability to partner with your security team with no need to rip out your current infrastructure! Whether you have technology in place or need technology, Pondurance has the built-in flexibility to leverage your security controls and fill in any gaps. 

As Gartner points out in its report, incident response capabilities and speed are key to any MDR service. Ideally, incident response is a core function of your MDR as the security operation center will know your environment and actively search for and detect threats. Logically, you would want your MDR to mitigate the threat and return your operations to normal. 

To find the MDR provider that is best for your organization, we recommend starting with an assessment of your organization’s needs:

  • Do you have the technology but need more specialized personnel?
  • Do you need 24/7 coverage?
  • Would your team be able to resolve a bump in the night?
  • Does the scope fit the support you need for the year to come?

From there, research different MDR providers, ask them for a total cost of ownership evaluation, and choose the best fit for your organization.

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