Reports of ransomware attacks, business email compromise, and phishing scams are front page news, as the number of cyberattacks rises and ransom amounts skyrocket. Statistics show the average ransomware demand increased by 518% in the first half of 2021 compared to 2020, and the average ransomware payment was $570,000, according to Infosecurity Magazine. The media warns that every organization in every industry needs to have a plan to protect itself from a cyberattack. Often, what it doesn’t adequately tell you is how to protect your organization against cybercriminals. 

But you can find the simple answers in the new eBook Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for Dummies. The eBook contains the valuable information and tips you need to understand the current cybersecurity landscape, find the service that’s right for your organization, and discover what sets MDR apart from other security options. Each week, we’ll highlight a new chapter of the eBook, so you can learn all you need to know to protect your organization against cyber threats. 

Chapter 1 explores the current cybersecurity landscape and how it’s evolving. In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • How cyber threats are changing. Threats have changed significantly over the past five years. The types of attacks, the targets, and the cybercriminals themselves are different. Find out how nation-state actors have altered the dynamic of cybersecurity and how the introduction of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, has made it harder to trace cybercriminal activity.
  • Current threats facing organizations are increasing. The number of potential cyber threats is escalating, and the attacks are getting more sophisticated. Organizations face attacks from malware, ransomware, business email compromise, phishing schemes, distributed denial-of-service attacks, and more. Take a closer look at the most popular attacks on organizations and the common tactics cybercriminals use to penetrate internal systems.
  • What a comprehensive security program looks like. Once you recognize the cyber threats to an organization, you’ll want to know what you can do about them. Three main considerations will influence your success in defending against a cyber threat. Find out what these considerations are and how they work together.

    Also, learn details about recent cyber incidents that have threatened U.S. industries. In particular, healthcare and manufacturing have seen a jump in cyberattack activity. Discover what security tools and procedures the organizations could have used to prevent the attacks from happening or at least lessen the damages from the attacks.
  • The security solutions landscape is expanding. We’re seeing more acronyms like SIEM, SOAR, NDR, EDR, MSSP, MDR, and XDR. One or more of these could be the right security solution for your organization. Get a brief understanding of these tools and services and an introduction to what differentiates MDR from the other security solutions on the market today.

As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and damaging. Learn how you can protect your organization from cybercriminals.