Hospitals and healthcare organizations are facing an accelerated digital transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, creating new challenges in healthcare, such as a rise in cyber threats and regulation compliance. Pondurance commissioned Xtelligent Healthcare Media to survey IT, cybersecurity, and privacy professionals in hospitals to further understand the cybersecurity challenges and needs hospitals face in a digital world.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Challenges

Hospitals of all sizes have fallen victim to cyberattacks, and it continues to be a top concern for leaders. During the COVID-19 pandemic, cyberattacks on hospitals significantly increased, impacting valuable resources, patient care, and safety and disrupting business operations. According to our respondents, interoperability and connected device security led to cybersecurity and privacy challenges amid the pandemic.


bar graph showing results of healthcare challenges survey

What’s Next for Digitization? 

As technology advances in the healthcare industry, digital acceleration is also continuing to increase. According to our survey, selecting the right cybersecurity technology and hiring qualified cybersecurity staff are the biggest challenges hospitals anticipate in the next six months. 

As hospitals begin to search for advanced cybersecurity solutions, they must find the ones that work best for their healthcare infrastructures. Investing in the right people and technology, whether before, during, or after the COVID-19 pandemic, can help hospitals keep pace with digitization and customer preferences.  

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