Pondurance has been a premier provider of cybersecurity services for over a decade, evolving from humble beginnings as a consultancy service to now, delivering the most dynamic Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Incident Response (IR) services in the industry since 2017. Our commitment to innovation and consistent delivery of best-of-breed technology and services is a core tenet of our business and the basis of how we deliver dynamic, 24/7 security operations and advisory services in today’s rapidly transforming digital world. We work tirelessly to achieve our mission to ensure that every organization can detect and respond to cyber threats – regardless of size, industry, or in-house capabilities.

With that in mind, we couldn’t just keep all this great work to ourselves! Starting today, Pondurance will publish a quarterly blog to keep our clients, and the cyber and IT pros looking to bring on MDR, IR, or other services, up to date on the exciting ways we have enhanced our offerings to meet the challenges of today’s cyber threat landscape and your business. Without further ado, what has Pondurance done for you lately?

Best-in-class endpoint solutions to stop threats

As bad actors continue to evolve their abilities to outmaneuver security solutions, both human expertise and robust technology are necessary to stop the most sophisticated threats.

In keeping with our best-in-class approach, Pondurance has partnered with SentinelOne and CrowdStrike to make managed licenses of these leading endpoint solutions available to new and existing clients. We’ve worked closely with these partners to integrate their endpoint security technologies, specifically SentinelOne Singularity XDR Platform, CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent Next-Generation Antivirus, and Falcon Insight: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), with our own award-winning MDR services.

These tools are recognized by Gartner as leaders in EDR technology, and adding them to the Pondurance MDR arsenal further enhances our ability to provide a “best of” approach to cybersecurity. We partner with these leading vendors so that you don’t have to settle for poor performance or the immature capabilities of other service providers with proprietary or legacy technology. As a result of these integrations, our combined solution is able to stop ransomware, malware, and other threats before they have a chance to execute on your endpoints. 

Additionally, our security operations centers (SOCs) leverage a variety of built-in and custom response actions to mitigate active threats. Through our vendor partnerships, Pondurance remains on the front lines of MDR services, delivering complete visibility across environments and rapid response to threats. Beyond endpoints, we have brought on other new technology integrations to strengthen our MDR services across networks, logs, and cloud environments.

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No stone unturned, no data left behind

In addition to bringing on SentinelOne and CrowdStrike for endpoint, Pondurance has also added integrations with Microsoft Azure Event Hubs and Keysight CloudLens to ensure holistic, 360-degree visibility across on-premises and cloud environments.

We now have the ability to consume Azure Event Hubs events into our systems for monitoring. This direct integration ensures that the Pondurance SOCs are ingesting those events more efficiently, while reducing the risk of missing data that comes with manually adding new event sources after initial implementation. 

And our CloudLens integration enhances our ability to extend comprehensive visibility into cloud and hybrid environments. With improved packet-level visibility, Pondurance can capture and analyze network traffic from public and private clouds without complex and costly workarounds, thus making your organization more efficient and saving costs on monitoring.

Optimizing visibility with personalized dashboards in our Scope platform

In pursuit of meeting your needs for complete visibility across their environments, we have enhanced our client-facing platform, Scope, to allow your users to personalize your dashboards. Scope has always provided you with a centralized interface to review SOC findings, receive recommendations, interact with our team, and access data. And now, with the ability to customize your views, you can focus on the assets you care most about, ensuring the most relevant and actionable metrics and alerts are surfaced first. 

Personalized dashboards mean closer collaboration with our SOC team and faster response to threats. You have always been able to communicate with the Pondurance SOC directly through the Scope conversations portal. With your most critical data on display, front and center, your organization gets real-time views of your most critical metrics and clear insight into the health of your environments. Most importantly, the custom display ensures faster communication between your team and the SOC on the assets most important to your operations and, thus, more rapid response to threats that could compromise them.

Enhanced executive reporting puts actionable data in context

While 360-degree visibility into the data coming from your environments is important and useful, concise reporting on actions and events affecting your operations is just as critical. Monthly executive summaries provide easily consumable context for the information generated by your detection and response program. With this in mind, Pondurance executive-level reporting ensures all your key stakeholders are informed, not just your cybersecurity or IT teams.

The new Pondurance executive summary is now created based on trending data in your environments. Each month, you will receive a summary of all tickets, response actions, and Scope conversations derived from analysis of key indicators like log volumes, log types, priorities of events, and time to acknowledge events. The report delivers all this in a user-friendly format, surfacing critical data as well as long-term metrics for business-level consumption.

With this enhancement, you can see data aggregated and presented in context with graphical representations of trends we have identified that could impact your business. This type of context helps you easily identify strengths and weaknesses in your strategy and, in partnership with Pondurance, continue to evolve your security posture to stay protected against evolving threats.

More to come

As we continue to strive for effective and efficient defense against today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats, we will continue to innovate and evolve our processes and partnerships to help your organization focus on its critical business mission.