One of our team members’ favorite things about working remotely is being able to spend time with their furry friends. From making an appearance in Zoom meetings to supervising schedules, the pets of Pondurance make each day a little better. Keep reading to meet some of our favorite employees.

Lily and Lola

Lily, 10 (pit bull mix), and Lola, 4 (chiweenie), are best friends. My husband and I both work from home, and during the day, Lily prefers to “work” with him, while Lola prefers to have me as a co-worker. 

Lily was rescued from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. She was found in a field, weighing only 17 pounds and had wounds all over her body from what looked like dog fighting. That was about seven years ago. She is now a healthy 55-pound old gal who loves to sleep 23 hours per day and spends that other hour scaring away people away who come to our door. She is as sweet as can be, though our UPS man doesn’t think so. 

Lola’s story is a little bit more heartwarming. We were driving home to Indianapolis from Destin, Florida and stopped in Alabama to get gas and food. The Chick-fil-A line was really long, so I had my husband drop me off while he went to get gas. While in line, I got a text message with a picture of my daughter holding a little puppy that was the size of a gerbil. I was so confused. They picked me back up and took me over to a pickup truck in the parking lot of the gas station where a man was selling 5-week-old puppies out of a plastic tote for $20. I lost self control and picked up the runt of the litter. She weighed 1 ½ pounds and was not yet ready to leave her mother, but I couldn’t imagine what would have happened to her if we hadn’t brought her home with us. The man said he had to get rid of all of them that day and wasn’t allowed to bring any home with him. She slept on my shoulder like a tiny parrot for the remaining 10 hours home.

Alisha Meehan, Sales Operations Specialist

lily + lola cuddling on couch

Mia, Bella, and Gabriella

Mia was my 15-year-old chihuahua who passed away recently. (It felt wrong to not include her since he was such a big part of my work-from-home life). She was a long-haired chihuahua who enjoyed spending time outside, chasing me around the house (we play tag), sunbathing, helping herself to the food on my plate when I was not looking, and being the queen of the house. More than anything, she enjoyed snuggling with her mom. Mia was a little ball of sass who had never met a stranger. When she sensed stress, anxiety, or that I was not feeling well, etc. she rested her little head on my shoulder and I instantly felt better. Mia loved being able to spend more time with me since Pondurance moved to remote work. 

Bella is a 2 ½ -year-old long-haired chihuahua. Bella enjoys snuggling, spending time outside, road trips, snack time, and annoying her little sister. Bella is never far from my side. When I go into another room to focus and get some work done, she howls for me. Bella puts her paw on my hand when she wants my attention. She enjoys sleeping at my side while I work and always lets me know when we have a delivery. 

Gabriella is a 2-year-old long-haired chihuahua. Gabriella is a very chatty pup. She hardly ever barks or cries but uses other noises to communicate with me when she wants or needs something. When she’s mad at me, she won’t look me in the eye. She’s a very loving and affectionate dog. She enjoys sitting in on my calls and makes frequent appearances. She has never turned down a snack and loves belly rubs. She refuses to walk on a leash and prefers to be carried in a dog carrier. 

All my pups have enjoyed being able to spend more time with me. All of us have decreased stress levels and are happier, and while they focus on breaks, snack time, and naps, my productivity has certainly increased.

Kristina Bouckaert, Senior Account Executive


This is Digger, and he breaks his days by chasing sun spots to sleep in. Digger typically attends afternoon calls since the sun spot appears in my office during that time. He has executed a nondisclosure agreement and is trusted not to disclose confidential information.  

Tim Burke, Principal Product Manager

digger laying on floor looking at camera

Millie and Marie

Millie and Marie are my older brother’s cats, but they are sisters, which is why I think they love me so much. Although the girls can normally be found lying in sun spots throughout the house or squeezing into a spot too small for them, they love to keep me on my toes while I’m working. Luckily, they love midday snacks just as much as I do! They are pretty bad about labeling their food and constantly steal my office snacks. 

Marie (right) will jump on my legs while I’m using the standing desk to ensure that I know she’s there. If I’m not careful about giving her attention, she will jump from the bed and cling to my back just to prove a point. She’s a very attentive boss; she even chases bugs to make sure our workspace is clean and distraction free.  

Millie (left) is my personal alarm clock. Without fail, she wakes up the team at 6 a.m. sharp to make sure everyone gets a healthy breakfast. She’s a firm believer that it’s the most important meal of the day.

Madison Atwater, Marketing Coordinator

Jasmine, Booh, and Krizzy

Ms. Jasmine, or Jazzy, is a therapy dog who has been unemployed since the pandemic. The organization that has certified Jazzy restricted in-person therapy dog visits.

But the most entertaining fur baby is my black kitty, Booh. He has become my supervisor and watches over me during working hours. If I am not running my Zoom meeting to his liking, he takes over the camera and keyboard to ensure everyone is aware that he is in charge!


Trish Ping, Senior Security Consultant

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