You May Have Never Heard of Pondurance.

My name is Steve Long. I am the President and CEO of Hancock Health and Hancock Regional Hospital here in Greenfield, Indiana.

Three years ago, and it is almost to the day three years ago, I had never heard of Pondurance. Now I wish, in hindsight, that I had heard of Pondurance before that, but I had not heard the name Pondurance. We learned it very quickly when we went through the cyberattack. Over the last three years, we have grown to have a great relationship around our IT security, and we would not want to be anywhere else going through the pandemic and coming out the other side of it. 

And I will tell you that more and more of what we do is becoming based on electronic technology. So, you know, we are looking at cloud-based solutions. In fact, I met with a vendor just earlier today about taking our entire wellness program in the cloud. And so much of what we do is electronic in nature, and that will only get to be more and more in the future. 

That makes the relationship that we have with Pondurance even more important. As I tell my peers around the country, although we spend more now than we used to on IT security, it is a small part of our budget compared to everything else — and yet, probably the most important expenditure that we have. So we will continue to invest in that, continue to build our relationship with Pondurance, because that’s going to be fundamental to our security going forward.

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