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MDR for Behavioral Healthcare

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Behavioral healthcare leaders face many unique challenges when it comes to protecting technology and securing protected health information from cyber threats. The lack of cybersecurity talent paired with the reliance on medical Internet of Things (IoT) devices and vulnerable legacy systems makes behavioral healthcare a prime target for attackers. Recent cyberattacks have impacted patient data and medical devices and threatened patient care.

As a result, many security leaders in the behavioral healthcare industry are turning to managed detection and response (MDR) services to protect networks, endpoints, medical devices, and cloud services through real-time monitoring, detection, and response. Recognized by Gartner, Pondurance MDR is a proactive, 24/7 security service backed by authentic human intelligence. We believe that human attackers must be confronted by human defenders, and our elite cybersecurity specialists have over a decade of experience protecting behavioral healthcare organizations.

“Having used Pondurance at a previous organization, with positive results, I engaged them to provide security monitoring services when I was appointed CEO at Burrell. Pondurance has proven their worth as an avid and competent partner where the protection of our data is concerned. Knowing they are protecting our environment on a 24/7 basis gives me peace of mind, and it allows our team to focus more on our business serving clients.”

C.J. Davis, CEO, Burrell Behavioral Health


  • Stop security incidents through 24/7 detection
    and response
  • Improve HIPAA compliance and avoid penalties
  • Protect patient data and avoid disruptions to patient care
  • Rapidly accelerate security program maturity
  • Remove blind spots across IT and medical devices
  • Decrease total cost of ownership associated with IT
    and security investments

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Pondurance helps behavioral healthcare organizations reduce the time it takes to respond to emerging cyber threats through instant triage and integrated Incident Response services. Rapid human intervention is the difference between swift containment and disruption to patient services.

Integration with behavioral healthcare infrastructure and controls

No need to rip and replace your existing security investments. Pondurance integrates with both cloud and on-premises
infrastructure, giving organizations full visibility into their medical devices, cloud services, and networks. With Pondurance
as your cybersecurity partner, you can stay one step ahead of attackers and let your behavioral healthcare
team focus on what matters most — providing exceptional patient care.

“Pondurance was great to work with during a critical time of need and have since been valued partners in helping us protect patient data and business continuity.”

Amy Mace, CEO, Cummins Behavioral Health

The Pondurance Difference

24/7, U.S.-based SOC with deep behavioral healthcare expertise

Our security operations center (SOC) never takes a day off. Pondurance MDR is powered by analysts, threat hunters, and incident responders who have experience working with the complex landscape and requirements unique to the behavioral healthcare industry. Our efforts have helped organizations to rapidly detect, remediate, and recover from sophisticated cyberattacks.

“We have relied on Pondurance for 24/7
monitoring and response for nearly three years. We have added services over that period, and the partnership has remained extremely cost- effective. Cybersecurity is a growing challenge for many behavioral health organizations that can require dedicated resources and consistent investment to be effective. Pondurance owns this challenge for us and has delivered a right-sized solution that provides peace of mind and meaningful risk reduction while enabling us to focus on our clients. Working with Pondurance is truly a partnership and team collaboration, not simply a vendor exchange.”

Dr. Carrie Cadwell, CEO, Four County
Counseling Center

360-degree visibility across all IT and IoT systems Pondurance provides best-in-class detection and response across:

Networks – Fully managed and monitored network traffic analysis sensors

Endpoints – Fully managed and monitored endpoint protection platform/endpoint detection and response solution

Logs – Fully managed and monitored SIEM-as-a- service platform

Cloud infrastructures – Deep support from the public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure

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When “one size fits all” cybersecurity really doesn’t fit for you, it’s time to try on Pondurance’s customized managed detection and response (MDR).

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