Cyber Risk Assessments

Powered by MyCyberScorecard

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Organizations are faced with continuous and rapid changes in technology, cyber threats, regulatory mandates, and insurance requirements, and they are struggling to manage their cyber risks and comply with regulations.  As a result, they need skilled experts and assessment processes to help them build a strong, risk-based cybersecurity program.


Pondurance Cyber Risk Assessments powered by MyCyberScorecard is an all-in-one solution that delivers streamlined and efficient cybersecurity assessments that align with regulatory standards and compliance requirements. Our cyber risk experts, using the MyCyberScorecard platform, partner with you to analyze and visualize potential cybersecurity gaps and make key remediation recommendations.

Solution Benefits

  • Quickly and easily identify areas to improve your cybersecurity and compliance programs
  • Collaborate with policy, system, and business owners to bridge the gap between policies, controls, and operations
  • Make more informed decisions, track compliance to minimize risk of regulatory penalties, and build trust among key stakeholders and cyber insurance underwriters
  • Complement full assessments with access to MyCyberScorecard for continuous risk reduction by conducting your own assessments and mitigate risk over time

MyCyberScorecard Benefits

  • Easy-to-use interface and dashboards
  • Streamlined workflows and robust analytics
  • Comprehensive views of low-, medium-, and high-risk MyCyberScores
  • Hundreds of built-in security and compliance policies
  • Role-based user access control
  • Continuous improvement in cyber risk with self assessments and audits
  • Interactive reporting that is easy to export to effectively communicate with senior management

Assess and Recommend

Gaining a holistic understanding of your cyber risk posture starts with one of our security consultants, and our risk assessments is designed to quickly identify significant risks, laying the groundwork for comprehensive assessments such as: NIST CSF, NIST 800-171, CMMC, NYDFS, NAIC, and Third-Party Vendor Risk and more. Our cyber experts communicate recommendations directly in MyCyberScorecard, assisting towards your progress in mitigating risk and reaching your desired state of cyber resilience.