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Akira Ransomware, Threat Intelligence, and more

Every month, the Pondurance team hosts a webinar to keep clients current on the state of cybersecurity. In October, the team provided a threat intelligence review, discussed notable vulnerabilities and trends, and offered a closer look at Akira ransomware. Threat Intelligence Review The Director of Incident Response, introduced the webinar with a few high-level cyber

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Applying for Cyber Insurance: Prevention Measures Required To Get Accepted

Companies of all sizes know that cyber insurance premiums come with a high price tag. Premiums have increased every quarter over the last several years, according to the Global Insurance Market Index, and ransomware is the primary reason for the increased prices. Two-thirds of all companies suffered a ransomware attack within the past year, according

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Improve Your Qualifications for Cyber Insurance: 4 Things To Know

Cyberattacks continue to threaten organizations in frequency, severity, and cost. In the past year, as much as 66% of all organizations were hit by ransomware, compared with 37% in the preceding year, according to Sophos’ report The State of Ransomware 2023. The rise in threats has spiked the demand for cyber insurance and raised the

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Hot Topics in Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance has been available as an add-on or standalone business policy since the early 2000s. Organizations have been able to buy high-quality cyber insurance at a reasonable cost to offset the risks that businesses have faced as they’ve gone through digital transformations the past decade and in parallel have faced with the rapid growth

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DOJ Adds Manpower To Disrupt and Prosecute Nation-State Actors

Nation-state actors are becoming increasingly aggressive in their cyberattacks on the critical national infrastructure. These malicious cybercriminals are perpetrating espionage, theft of intellectual property, operational disruptions, credential theft, and more on facilities, networks, systems, and processes that U.S. citizens depend on for day-to-day life. As of June 2022, attacks on the critical national infrastructure made

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CL0P Ransomware, MOVEit-related Vulnerabilities, and Actions to Defend Against Ransomware Attacks

As part of our ongoing efforts to support our clients, the Pondurance team hosts a webinar to keep clients current on the state of cybersecurity. Over the past few months, the team discussed notable vulnerabilities and trends, provided a threat intelligence review, and explained some recent threat hunting tactics. Threat Intelligence Review The Senior Manager

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