MDF Terms and Conditions

Pondurance is pleased to provide MDF program funds for channel Partners who apply for funds through this application process and are selected by Pondurance to be eligible for support. The purpose of our MDF program is to provide funds to Partners for the promotion of Pondurance services.  

The Pondurance MDF Program is operated by Pondurance, and Pondurance reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify or withdraw the program at any time with or without notice to the Partner. 

The termination of the Partner agreement defining the resale or distribution terms between Pondurance and the Partner will lead to MDF termination. Any activities that have been approved and executed before the termination of the agreement may still be eligible for reimbursement, but the Partner shall make the claim for such MDF reimbursement within 30 days from the date that such marketing activity was executed. Claims submitted after such a 30-day period will not be accepted. Any remaining MDFs will be terminated. 

All MDFs belong always to Pondurance and are made available to Partners to fulfill agreed-upon plans and activities. Prior approval must be obtained for all activities utilizing MDFs. 

The Partner agrees to adhere to all applicable international, national, regional, corporate, and local guidelines, laws and rules, and privacy policies when fulfilling its obligations.

Pondurance also reserves the right to audit and verify all MDF claims and request additional documentation prior to reimbursement of claims. Noncompliance with these guidelines and Pondurance’s instructions can result in non-eligibility in the program for a period of time determined by Pondurance. 

Pondurance reserves the right not to approve or not to reimburse for activities deemed inappropriate. All determinations are made by Pondurance at its sole discretion and are final. Pondurance will not provide reimbursement for any activities that feature products of Pondurance competitors. The primary purpose of all MDF activities must be to market, promote, and sell Pondurance products and solutions. 

Partners may not take deductions from the payments made to Pondurance in the event an MDF activity is not reimbursed. 

Public statements must not imply that you are Pondurance or are acting on behalf of Pondurance. Programs must not be misleading or deceptive, nor may they violate any laws and regulations. Programs must be in good taste and reflect favorably on Pondurance. MDF is not to be used for capital expenses or the normal cost of doing business. 

Authorized Services

Incident response retainer

Managed detection and response subscription