In partnering with Pondurance, we’ve found several parallels between our two companies – from our similar approaches to conquering challenges to our shared values. It’s become no secret that our driver, Colton Herta, is blazing fast and has achieved an enormous amount of success in the past nine months. This success would be impossible to achieve alone. The advanced technology of these Indy Lights cars and the highly skilled crew we have factor greatly in the performance on track. Likewise, Pondurance operates in a similar manner.  They combine next-gen technology with a team of skilled professionals because they know that a high-tech vehicle can’t operate without a talented driver.
A key aspect to assuring quality performance for both Steinbrenner and Pondurances’ teams is the leveraging of data. Our car contains technology that is constantly recording and logging data to record and leverage for increased performance. Similarly, Pondurance offers technology for their clients that constantly logs data pertaining to their network performance. While the technology that both teams use is cutting-edge, neither of us would be able to operate successfully without a supporting team of skilled team members.
It’s become clear that the largest and most impactful parallel between Steinbrenner Racing and Pondurance is that they both thrive around a human-centric approach. The data that our car is collecting is only useful when one of our skilled team members is analyzing it to guarantee a great level of performance; meanwhile the data that Pondurance’s technology acquires would be valueless if it were not being reviewed by their talented team to produce the maximum amount of network security and efficiency for their client.
The importance of this human-centric approach goes beyond the territory of racing and extends into the entire world of competitive sports. An athlete may be incredibly skilled on their own, but their talent will only get them so far without a strong force behind them. The best pitcher in the world couldn’t win a game without the help of their team, just as a racer couldn’t win without skilled engineers and crew.
There has been a lot to learn thus far through Steinbrenner Racing’s partnership with Pondurance and I hope to continue to learn more. It’s been interesting to see how similar two organizations with incredibly different purposes can be, and I hope that we can learn more from each other as our partnership continues to grow.