In the face of escalating threats like ransomware, supply chain attacks, and social engineering exploits, boards of directors are more concerned than ever about cybersecurity. This situation presents chief information security officers (CISO) and chief information officers (CIO) with a challenge – and an opportunity. 

  • The challenge is to clearly and effectively communicate highly technical security information to a business-focused audience.
  • The opportunity is to win support for your security strategy, projects, and budget requests. 

Are you prepared to present cybersecurity metrics to your board? Our new whitepaper, 5 Best Practices for Reporting to Your Board About Cybersecurity, provides practical guidance on reporting to your board of directors, with the goal of building a strong and trusting relationship that can pay off during a serious incident. The key is recognizing that board members view security through a business lens. To meet their needs, you should frame your presentation in business terms: the effect of a threat or security measure on revenue, client acquisition and retention, brand reputation, shareholder confidence, etc. 

This whitepaper describes the full process of quarterly cybersecurity metrics reporting, including conducting due diligence, choosing the best format for your presentation, and selecting relevant information and metrics regarding current risks, projects, controls, and results of audits and tests.  Get tips about the most effective way to:

  • Categorize risks
  • Explain risks in financial or other business terms
  • Depict impact and probability
  • Describe security controls 
  • Convey the implications of audits and penetration tests

You’ll also benefit from a discussion about special board meetings that may be called in the event of a data breach or in preparation for a major business change, such as an acquisition. 

Your board of directors plays a vital role in the overall security posture of your organization. Your success in educating them about cybersecurity – both the good and the bad – can be instrumental in your company’s defense against and mitigation of current and future threats. 

Download the Pondurance whitepaper, 5 Best Practices for Reporting to Your Board About Cybersecurity.