In January 2022 alone, Google identified nearly 2 million phishing sites, according to Cybersecuritymate. The statistic shows how frequently cyberattackers use phishing as a means to breach company networks like yours. Increasingly, companies are moving to managed detection and response (MDR) and proactive cybersecurity to protect themselves from phishing attacks and other cyber exploits, such as ransomware and business email compromise. But is one MDR provider different than any other provider?

In Chapter 6 of our new eBook Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for Dummies, we discuss what makes us different: our MDR philosophy and our comprehensive cybersecurity service. We explain how we use humans as the driving force for combating cyber threats, integrate our services with your existing technology and team, and offer 360-degree visibility to proactively hunt for and defend against attackers.

Talented humans

Pondurance believes people are the most important component of any comprehensive cybersecurity service. Human attackers must be confronted by human defenders. We explain how our humans-first approach to MDR integrates human intervention and problem-solving into nearly every step of the process.

As you may well know, companies are facing a global shortage of experienced cyber professionals. But Pondurance is well staffed with seasoned analysts, threat hunters, and other security experts to monitor and analyze data 24/7. In addition, it’s a priority for our teams to build strong relationships and have clear, open communication with our clients.

Integrated technology

Your company may already have technology and people in place, and we believe you shouldn’t have to throw out these existing tools and teams. Instead, we build on what you have, minimizing the impact to your business as we get your MDR service up and running. Our monitoring and reporting systems work with SIEMs and can integrate with existing endpoint detection and response and network detection and response solutions. Also, our MDR service is designed to integrate the policies and processes, including any industry-specific compliance requirements, that your company currently has in place.

Full visibility

The attack surface is expanding, endpoints are multiplying, and new technology is creating security blind spots for companies. Today, more than ever, you need a holistic view of internal systems and security tools to properly defend against cyberattacks. We use 360-degree visibility to see the big cybersecurity picture. Pondurance covers networks and endpoints, closely monitors SIEM logs and cloud infrastructure, detects threats and develops response policies on cloud platforms, and provides log analysis and monitoring. In addition, we discuss the thoroughness of our visibility procedures and how it sets Pondurance apart from other security services in the market.


As threats from phishing, ransomware, and business email compromise increase, you may be looking for an MDR or proactive cybersecurity service provider that stands out in the crowd.

Learn more about our MDR philosophy and comprehensive cybersecurity service and how Pondurance provides the talented humans, integration, and visibility that separates our MDR solution from other providers.