As our employees continue to work from home, their furry coworkers help keep them company. From being personal alarm clocks to occasionally interrupting meetings, these adorable friends make every day exciting. Keep reading to meet some of the pets of Pondurance!


Charlie is our Senior Puppy Engineer who helps me provide high-level customer satisfaction! He is a 9-month-old Lab who loves the outdoors and really helps me get exercise, especially in this remote work lifestyle! He is the best alarm clock money can buy and always wakes me up on time whether I like it or not…

Austin Allen, Solutions Principle

Charlie the dog sitting in a field of grass playing fetch.

Oliver Queen, Loki, Riley & Saphira

I currently have seven pets keeping me company while working from home. Riley and Oliver keep me company while I’m working at my desk. Oliver reminds me to take breaks from work by requesting scratchies and doggie cookies while Riley patrols the area to make sure I stay safe. Saphira keeps my fiance company while he’s working so he too has someone to give pets to. Loki lives up to his name by being a cat of mischief, especially during zoom meetings. Working from home has given me the opportunity to give more of my attention to these guys, such as daily walks on my lunch break and games of fetch after work. (Yes, the cat plays fetch too).

Samantha Drum, Security Analyst


I work remotely in Maryland along with my trusted sidekick, Barrow, an 8-year-old soft-coated wheaten terrier. Barrow spends his entire day under my desk along with his pooh bear. Except for the daily Amazon deliveries which lead to ferocious barks that can be heard by clients on Zoom, he provides steady companionship and is my best friend.

Venkat Rangarajan, Head of Sales

Barrow cuddling stuffed animal under dinner table.

Nora, Charlotte, Margot & Tiera

I have 4 pets! Charlotte & Nora my mini Aussies love laying around all day next to me, basking in the sun and taking walks around the block for quick 10 minute breathers throughout the day! I do not know what they will do with themselves when I’m back in the office!

Margot, the queen of the castle, has had the run of the house all day long since I’ve been home. Instead of being penned up through the day, she gets to run and play to her heart’s content! She loves checking in on me every once in a while, but she spends most of her day, just like the dogs, flopped down by a window for a day full of naps.

        Tiffany Adler, HR Specialist

Oskar & Mowgli

Meet Oskar (left) and Mowgli (right). Both can be heard interrupting my meetings occasionally. Oskar is accustomed to daily walks so he helps me remember to take a break and get some fresh air. Mowgli likes to sit on shelves and knock things off of them.

Braden McCann, Senior Account Executive


Meet Lulu. Working from home is fun because I get to hang out with her in between calls, she sits on my lap while I work on quotes, and I get to take her out in the morning and afternoon and enjoy the California sun!

Ryan Derry, Account Executive

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