For compliance, security, and IT professionals, listen to our accompanying audio interview discussing how MDR enables compliance, featuring Jason Ortiz and Brett Bane of Pondurance and Robert Ramsay of Barnes Dennig.

Pondurance and Barnes Dennig Conversations – How Managed Detection and Response Supports Compliance

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a tech-enabled service that allows organizations to enhance the threat detection capabilities in their networks by benefiting from both excellent tools and expert security analysts. In this conversation, our experts discuss the benefits of using MDR as part of a compliance and security program.


Topic areas explored in this conversation include: 

    • What makes Pondurance’s MDR service and Threat Hunting and Response (TH+R) different?
    • What are the components of a well-designed, holistic MDR service?
    • How do MDR services map to security frameworks such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and System and Organization Controls 2 requirements?
    • How can MDR services enable your compliance and security teams to be more effective with their time and resources?
    • How can MDR help your team go beyond simply being compliant and move toward being secure?
    • How do organizations in different industries view security and compliance functions, and how does MDR tie into those views and expectations?

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