For this month’s employee spotlight, we spoke with Kristina Bouckaert who started off strong at Pondurance, bringing on K-12 clients through webinars and cold calling campaigns.

What led you to your career choice in cybersecurity?

I developed an interest in cybersecurity in my previous role at an IT staffing and consulting firm. I worked with many IT security resources and security partners and developed an interest in cybersecurity — so much so that I took night classes focusing on cybersecurity to increase my knowledge and really began to understand the importance of cybersecurity. My manager introduced me to our founder, Ron Pelletier, who sold me on Pondurance!

What is a typical day like for you?

Every day is different. My days are filled with a mix of prospect calls and existing client meetings, and I save time for prospecting. I like to meet with most clients quarterly to get their feedback, learn of any challenges they may be facing, and see if they want to adjust anything. My clients are mainly focused on our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. 

What is your proudest accomplishment in your career to date?

I am most proud of the work we’ve done with K-12. Before I joined Pondurance, the company didn’t have a large presence in the industry. A couple of months after I joined the team, I created campaigns including webinars and cold prospecting to help inform schools of what was available to them in terms of cybersecurity. This helped me have conversations about a grant that had been released around the same time and allowed me to bring on a large handful of new MDR clients. It is really rewarding to work with K-12 clients and create solutions to help them improve their cybersecurity postures. 

What advice have you been given that stuck with you?

The golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In my role, that applies to working with my team internally and making sure that I approach people in a way that I would want to be approached, whether that’s with a new idea, question, or concerns. This is especially true with clients, as it’s best to be empathetic and appreciative. I ask questions, listen, and really understand how we can help them. I am a trusted partner to our clients rather than a pushy salesperson. That is really what Pondurance is — we’re a trusted partner and that approach has been fostered from the top down. 

What advice would you give to others looking to enter the technology field?

Bet on yourself. You don’t need to be a cybersecurity expert to be a successful cybersecurity salesperson. Unless you are a full-time threat analyst, it is hard to stay on top of the trends and the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. You do need to put in the work and invest time in yourself to be the best you can be but don’t be afraid to fail. Failures are the best learning opportunities. Ironically, my hire date was National Take A Chance Day, and I am so glad that I took the chance on Pondurance. My career is very rewarding, and I’m working with some of the smartest people I’ve ever known. All because I bet on myself!

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Kristina Bouckaert Headshot

Kristina Bouckaert

Senior Account Executive | Pondurance

Kristina Bouckaert is a Senior Account Executive at Pondurance. She works with prospects and clients to understand their cybersecurity challenges and provide appropriate and personalized recommendations. With over 13 years of experience in sales, Kristina understands the importance of developing strong relationships with clients and recommending services that are personalized and unique to each individual client. Kristina understands that evaluating cybersecurity services and experiencing cybersecurity incidents can be extremely stressful, and she is passionate about alleviating some of the stress for her clients and making the process as simple as possible.

Kristina was born and raised in Bay City, Michigan, and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Indianapolis.