Our History
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In 2008, Ron Pelletier started Pondurance in the basement of his home in Westfield, Indiana; our first client was the NCAA. In the beginning, Pondurance was a one-man show with Ron selling and doing the work, as well as managing a startup. Strong word of mouth and referrals allowed Pondurance to expand its book of business quickly. After some time riding solo, Ron began to question whether he could sustain the pace and manage the risk independently. He received an offer to join another startup security firm in the area, and despite his desire to partner with others he declined. While the offer was tempting he knew there was only one path to choose, and that day he wrote three words on the dry erase board in his basement office: I am Pondurance.
In 2010 Landon Lewis formed ArchMaven and embarked on his dream of starting a consulting firm of his own. Leveraging his vast expertise, Landon quickly gained ground with clients in the area and became known as the go-to guy for technical security testing and technology solutions. Landon also desired to partner with others to increase delivery services and market share.
In the fall of that same year, Landon and Ron became acquainted and started working together on a Pondurance project. The personal and professional chemistry between Ron and Landon was immediately recognized. Landon offered a technical acumen and Ron maintained a strong governance and risk-management competency. They both realized that a full services security firm would need the right mix of these competencies, and they started talking about forming a joint venture that would provide them, and others involved, with a healthy book of business. They decided to move forward under the name Pondurance.
Through the highs and the lows of the first few years Ron and Landon’s commitment to each other, and their shared vision for Pondurance never wavered; however, it became increasingly obvious that Pondurance  would require a bold organizational shift in order to remain viable and foster positive growth. In the summer of 2014, Ron and Landon redefined the Pondurance structure and organizational culture, in order to unleash its full potential.
Today Pondurance is far from a one-man show. Landon and Ron co-own Pondurance, and along with Dustin Hutchison the three serve as Managers of the firm and comprise the Pondurance leadership team. We are proud to employ an extremely talented and experienced staff of information security professionals that provide expert services and solutions to our valued clients. No one is more important than another, and collectively we all say with confidence: I Am Pondurance.

We Are Hiring!
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