In today’s cyber landscape, every company faces cybersecurity challenges from ransomware attacks, phishing schemes, business email compromise, denial-of-service exploits, and more. No company is immune from a possible cyberattack. 

But companies face vastly different cyber risks based on their size, industry, products and services, budget, and many other factors. For example, employees at small businesses are three times more likely to be targeted for social engineering attacks by cybercriminals than larger companies, according to Forbes. Some industries, such as healthcare and financial services, must adhere to strict regulatory compliance rules to safeguard sensitive personal information. Government contractors must pass a cybersecurity maturity assessment to conduct business with the Department of Defense. For most companies, cybersecurity budgets are stretched thin. Cybersecurity tools are increasingly complex for organizations to use, and cyber professionals demand high salaries and are tough to retain.

At Pondurance, we understand that every company has different needs for cybersecurity. One size does not fit all — and that includes pricing. We create a personalized package of cybersecurity services that address the unique needs of each client, and you pay for only the services and capacity you need. 

It’s our mission

Pondurance offers modern Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to ensure that every organization — regardless of size, industry, or current in-house capabilities — can detect and respond to cyber threats. We combine advanced technology and experienced cybersecurity professionals to capture, integrate, and analyze data across your log, endpoint, network, and cloud environments and immediately respond to attacks. 

We will meet you where you are in your cybersecurity journey. We integrate your existing infrastructure and controls into our transparent monitoring and response platform to provide a customized solution for your company. Then, as your cybersecurity needs evolve, our services can adapt to keep you safe from an attack and in compliance. We’ve pioneered this risk-based approach.

“We believe every organization deserves protection against cyber threats, not just those with massive budgets,” said Lyndon Brown, Chief Strategy Officer at Pondurance. “At the same time, no one should be forced to buy things they don’t need. Pondurance can leverage our dynamic defense methodology to provide customized MDR packages aligned with your specific risks and budget, integrating your existing tools and team with our advanced platform to provide protection against cyber threats.”

It’s pricing based on your needs

Unlike other MDR providers, Pondurance closely works with you to configure exactly what services you want and need. For our core MDR services, we offer various pricing methods based on your precise requirements, including:

  • Endpoint MDR services. We deliver best-in-breed integrated management, monitoring, investigation, and response security technology from CrowdStrike, SentinelOne, and Blackberry Cylance. Pricing is based on the number of endpoints.
  • Network MDR services. We monitor all firewall traffic and analyze all ingress and egress points to provide deep inspection, threat hunting, and response capabilities across networks. Pricing is based on bandwidth utilization.
  • Log MDR service. This service functions as a managed SIEM, providing deep forensic capabilities by aggregating and correlating data generated across all on-premises and cloud environments. Pricing is based on gigabyte ingestion per day.

Services can be bundled or consumed separately to create the personalized cybersecurity program your company needs at the right price to protect your valuable data. 

It’s easy to get started

Your company faces cybersecurity challenges, and you know one size fits all is not the solution. Find out how Pondurance can customize a cybersecurity package for your exact business needs with pricing that works within your budget.