Pondurance Threat Management Solutions

The number of ways your network can be attacked is growing

What exactly are Threat Management Solutions? The number of different ways your networks can be attacked grows and changes every day. It can be challenging for businesses to have the constant resources and skill sets to defend their systems and keep data secure. This is where Pondurance can help you. The right threat management solutions can act as a business enabler, helping you focus on your strategic business and security initiatives while providing significant time, resource and cost savings.

What we do Pondurance provides managed security services that assist our clients improving their information security program and meeting certain industry standards along with regulatory compliance. Communication with clients, including distribution of weekly and monthly reports, is managed using the Pondurance secure client portal.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Program

Hiring a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is an expensive endeavor. The Virtual CISO program is built for the organization that needs the benefits of having a CISO on the executive team at a fraction of the overall cost. Pondurance provides strategic guidance from a single source and is powered by a team of seasoned experts when tactical guidance is needed. Our expertise and guidance can contribute to the executive team, steering committees, or other chartered groups within organizations.

Network Security Monitoring

Pondurance Network Security Monitoring (NSM) leverages cutting-edge sensor technologies and threat intelligence to identify malicious activities in host and network environments. When relevant indicators are analyzed and confirmed, clients receive accurate details, risk-based context, and support to best eradicate and contain the attack. When suspicious activity is identified and triaged, alerts are created providing a context-driven remediation plan to assist with containing the compromised systems.

Our solution monitors ingress/egress traffic at the network perimeter, between key network segments and DNS infrastructure. Analysis of the traffic is performed and full packet captures are stored and released in a similar fashion to your home DVR. A controller appliance is used to communicate with host agents and sensors to apply intelligence, analysis, and capabilities for incident responders to take action. Reporting and alerts are provided through a secure web portal that provides a means for securely communicating critical information and incident management.

Vulnerability Management Program

The Vulnerability Management Program (VMP) is a component of our suite of managed security services that provides a flexible, cost-effective solution to organizations that wish to outsource or co-source portions of their own information or cyber security programs.
Vulnerability management includes identifying the relevant components that comprise your technical environment, monitoring that infrastructure for new security threats and vulnerabilities, and remediating those issues accordingly. Regulatory mandates continue to drive vulnerability management as a required process, even as companies are pushed to the limits of their own resources and capabilities.

This program includes regularly scheduled activities such as threat and vulnerability management, vulnerability scanning, security architecture assessments, and can be customized to include a penetration test. In the end, the program fosters consistent identification of vulnerabilities which brings more frequent awareness to security issues, therefore driving quicker remediation cycles.