We are a Managed Detection and Response company.

We protect your organization by combining practical solutions, operational excellence, and security expertise. Our innovative technology and passionate security professionals mitigate risks, support compliance efforts, and scale your resources – giving you confidence in your security posture.

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Threat Hunting + Response

Detect, analyze and respond to vulnerabilities and threats.

Our TH+R platform harnesses the experience of our Expert Analysts to protect your organization by understanding and improving your security and compliance posture. Our elite team of TH+R Analysts combines the latest technology, authentic intelligence, and expertise to stay one step ahead of attackers and protect your digital assets.


Manage and Analyze:

Network Detection and Response - Fully managed and monitored,Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) sensors

Endpoint Detection and Response - Fully managed and monitored EDR solutions

Log - Fully managed and monitored, SIEM as a Service platform


Strengthen the backbone of your security program with our Security Program Enhancers.

We’re a well-seasoned cybersecurity team that speaks your language. We start by assessing your current security weaknesses and then build rock-solid solutions to safeguard your future. You get laser-focused security, precision compliance, and practical solutions tailored to your organization—all from a partner you can trust.

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With our extensive background in assessments, penetration testing, and auditing, we help organizations improve their security stance over time by locating vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses. These assessments examine the underlying infrastructure, people, and technologies to identify vulnerabilities that pose a risk to the organization.

Compliance Framework Assessments

  • NIST

Technical (Risk) Assessments

  • Application Security
  • Pentesting
  • Social Engineering

Vulnerability Management Program (VMP)

Advisory Services

Many businesses are under pressure to achieve strict compliance and protect data, or face significant fines and negative press. We understand the gravity and demands of your situation. Our team builds personalized information security programs to secure your data and keep you compliant at every turn. And we even offer remediation if you’re already in trouble. We can help dig you out and set up sure-fire protection moving forward.

Program Management

  • NIST

3rd Party Risk Assessments

Incident Response

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