The Pondurance product team is thrilled to present the official release of our newest platform  – Pondurance Scope, the official re-brand of our ticketing portal!
We’ve launched Scope with clients in mind, taking into account the additional functionality and visibility desired. Clients will still receive the same level of exceptional threat hunting & response (TH+R) service that Pondurance is known for. But now, we’ve bundled the following changes into a brand new platform, which adds value to and complements our core offering:
New design, look and feel. The Pondurance Scope homepage is now in a dashboard format, meaning you are seeing the most relevant information you need about your networks at first glance. Every day. Every time.
Real-time metrics. You suggested, we listened. On your organization’s homepage, you will see visibility on data and trends before monthly reports are available.
Track priority ticket acknowledgment. Improved visibility into how long tickets have been open- from when they are published to close.
To schedule a Scope demo, email Info@Pondurance.com.

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