K-12 school districts of all sizes run the risk of having a data breach occur due to the goldmine of student, parent and employee information they harbor, and the transformation from paper to virtual records makes this information increasingly valuable and vulnerable. In the last two years K-12 schools in the U.S. have been the victims of over 300 cyber incidents resulting in everything from school closures and disruptions to financial loss and non-compliance penalties.

Information Technology (IT) teams at K-12 districts are often understaffed and/or underfunded, which leads to employee burnout and turnover. The State of Indiana is leading the way for K-12 cyber security as the first state to offer grants through its Department of Education (DOE) to K-12 districts that improve their security postures by partnering with proven cyber security firms. As a result of the grant program, school districts throughout Indiana have chosen to partner with Pondurance to assess existing cyber security resources and augment those resources with solutions tailored to the unique security needs of each district.

Today, security officials and school boards in K-12 districts throughout Indiana collaborate with Pondurance for enterprise security testing and proactive Threat Hunting & Response (TH+R) services delivered from our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to secure and protect logs, networks and hosts.

“Since we were first introduced to the Pondurance team, they have been thorough and responsive professionals with creative solutions.  It’s comforting to know highly skilled SOC analysts monitor our network 24x7x365. Choosing the right cyber security partner is a big decision. I would enthusiastically recommend Pondurance to any organization,” says Jason Inman, Director of Technology Services at Elkhart Community Schools.

Pondurance understands the importance of collaboration in the K-12 cybersecurity process, and we have the talent and tools to help school districts nationwide extend their security capabilities so that schools can focus on school.


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