Information Security

It’s no easy feat to keep up with technology, especially when systems are constantly evolving.

How we can help:

Much like that of a moving target, the people, processes, and policies add complexity when it comes to making sure sensitive information is protected. Pondurance aligns your core goals and strategic direction by applying a flexible system that targets deficiencies across your organization’s entire infrastructure. With our extensive background in assessments, penetration testing, and auditing, we help organizations improve their security stance over time by locating vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses that may pose a risk to information assets.

Application Security Testing

Conventional security controls do not provide adequate protection against unique applications with inherent development vulnerabilities. Application security testing examines application controls that include architecture, authentication, authorization, input validation, and session management. Our application experts are commonly engaged in the following activities:

  • Black Box Testing
  • Grey Box Testing
  • Source Code Review
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Comprehensive Application Testing
  • Enterprise Security Testing

Enterprise Security Testing

Enterprise security testing focuses on the current information security posture of an organization’s information assets. The security testing examines the underlying infrastructure, people, and technologies to identify vulnerabilities that pose a risk to the organization. Pondurance is commonly engaged in the following activities:

  • Vulnerability Testing & Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Configuration Review
  • Security Architecture Review
  • Physical Security Review
  • Social Engineering
  • Wireless Testing

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