It’s been 20 days since the partial government shutdown began – with no end in sight. While the short-term effects are causing problems now, the long-term effects have the potential to be even worse.
With agencies such as the recently formed Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Institute for Standards in Technology (NIST) shut down, the cyber security posture of the U.S. has raised cause for concern. Official government sites are now insecure, some of them are even inaccessible. Pondurance President and COO, Dustin Hutchison, has found that all NIST documents are virtually inaccessible as well. NIST frameworks make up a slight portion of Pondurance operations, and problems arise as clients cannot access the documents either – especially when needed.
With each passing day of the partial shutdown, more detriment is being done to U.S. cyber security defense. Outside of the cyber realm, other sectors of security are suffering as well. TSA employees, air traffic controllers and aircraft safety inspectors are working without a paycheck in sight-many choosing to go on strike This has had a significant impact on airport security, which is posing a great threat to passengers and crew members alike.
The short-term effects of this partial government shutdown are continuing to pan out, making the long term effects that much more serious.

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