2021 Prediction: Ransomware attackers will get more competitive with more expedited attacks.

In the past year, more tools were made available to launch cyberattacks than ever before, making it easier for novices to enter the game. There is an extraordinary increase in new threat actors racing to execute attacks.The FBI cites $3.5 billion in cybercrime losses reported in 2019. The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center received 467,361 complaints in 2019, averaging nearly 1,300 every day.

With new actors entering the ransomware game, the competitive pressure increases among these cybercriminals. As they move quickly, they run the risk of making errors that may make the data unrecoverable. In the past, these threat actors would have waited for optimal occasions to execute their cyberattacks, such as when normal traffic is likely to be low. Today, we have seen actors compromise the integrity of the system so that, even with a key, a company cannot access its data. These ransomware threats alone make integration prevention, detection, and response solutions an important trend in 2021 and years to come. 

Cybersecurity has improved, but bad actors continue to evolve — and there are more entering the game. Get more predictions for 2021 in our latest eBook, Cyber Security Predictions for 2021: Insights & Trends.

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